What Are The Maximum Effective Lengths For Online Videos And Podcasts

 What are the maximum effective lengths for online videos and podcasts? 5 minutes for videos, 40 minutes for podcasts 10 minutes for videos, 20 minutes for podcasts 5 minutes for videos, 10 minutes for podcasts 10 minutes for videos, 40 minutes for podcasts

To Her Mid-term Paper. Ves TOW DOCK Later In That Semester, Holley Visited Her

To her mid-term paper. Ves TOW DOCK Later in that semester, Holley visited her family for the holidays. Her older brother was visiting too, and asked her about her new laptop. Holley had a chance to think about the choice she made and whether CollegeTech lived up to her expectations. She told him that she was happy with her purchase. Match Holley’s decision-making process to the relevant psychological process, Purchase Decision Holley’s Laptop Situation Consumer Decision Making Stage Internal Psychological Process Postpurchase Evaluation Holley needs a new laptop computer after her current laptop’s hard drive crashed. Learning Alternative Evaluation Holley asks her roommate who recently purchased a new laptop about information on laptop brands. Problem Recognition Hollay narrows her choice down to three different laptop brands and starts comparing the merits of each brand. Altitude Formation Holley decides to purchase a College Tech brand of laptop Motivation A month after using College Tech, Holley decides she is very satisfied with her laptop purchase. Perception Integration Information Search Reset

Solving Linear Programming Problems With Excel Sol Get Homework Help With Chegg Study Chegg.com

Solving linear programming problems with Excel Sol Get Homework Help With Study Chegg.com Take Test: Assignment Transportation probi Question Completion Status: QUESTION 1 30 points Save Answer A company has three plants and two warehouses for a product. The first plant can supply at most 100, the second at most 200, and the third at most 200 units of the product. The company requires that at least 150 and 300 products, respectively, be shipped to warehouses 1 and 2.

The warehouses can sell any number of the product it is supplied. Each product is sold 550 at warehouse 1 and 560 at warehouse 2. The per product shipping cost from a plant to a warehouse is given in the table below. Unit shipping cost Warehouse Plant 1 2 Supply limit 1 $5 $14 100 2 $6 $12 200 $8 $10 200 Minimum supply needed 150 300 Retail price per product $50 $60 The company wishes to determine how many units should be shipped from each plant to each warehouse to maximize its profit. Formulate an LP model for this problem and solve for the optimal solution using Excel Solver. What is the company’s profit under the optimal solution?

Hint: Profit-Revenue-Cost. What is the company’s profit under the optimal solution? $21,000 $22,000 $23,900 $25,500 $26,700 $27,300 None of the above Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers, Save All Anwers Save and Submit

Els In Japan (those Born Between 1946 And 1976). RaZa’s Research Revealed That The

Els in Japan (those born between 1946 and 1976). RaZa’s research revealed that the Japanese culture understood and respected high-end fashion. The consumer does not make purchase decisions in isolation. A number of external factors have been identified that may influence consumer decision-making, such as culture, subcultures, social class, reference groups, and situational determinants.

Match the various external for environmental) Influences on consumer behavior to the relevant situations in SaGa’s promotional decisions. Then match these external influences to examples found in RaZa’s decisions. Japanese appreciation for high-end fashion SaGa’s Promotional Decisions ExternalInfluences Examples of External on Consumer Influence from Behavior RaZa’s Promotional Decisions Born between 1966-1976 Subculture Decision to launch in America, which represented a new culture, compared to their existing markets.

Reference groups Target consumers: millennials Supermodels Target consumers: middle and upper-middle class Affluent consumers Ads featured people that the target consumers identity with (associative groups), and also people that the target group does not belong to (dissociative groups).

Culture Ads featured a typical usage occasion for SaGa’s product offerings . a Friday night out with friends. Exclusive boutique-like shopping atmosphere Situational determinants Social Class Recet Saga is a European fashion store chain that specializes in accessible, trendy clothes and accessories for men and women. Its target audience includes fashion-conscious young men and women, ages 16-30.

After success in Europe, Saga is getting ready to launch its flagship stores in five U.S. markets –New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami. Based on its product offerings, SaGa is targeting millennials (those born between 1982 and 2000, also called gen Y). As a group millennials are open to making impulse purchases, and are socially connected as demonstrated by their use of Twitter to tweet about products and brands.

Also, based on its ‘accessible price for its fashion offerings, Saga is targeting middle-to upper-middle-class millennials. SaGa’s advertising agency of record was excited about the impending launch campaign in the U.S. and its first-ever foray into the American market, which is heavily influenced by celebrity and pop culture.

The agency was developing a campaign that focused on “usage occasion—the ad would show a group of friends, in their 20s, getting together for a Friday night out in the city. A social occasion such as a night out with friends, combined with the setting of a city street lined with trendy clubs and restaurants, highlighted a perfect usage occasion for wearing fashionable clothes from SaGa In the ad, the friends walk through a busy city street that has a party atmosphere, and pass several other people whose fashion sense is not as trendy as theirs.

As they pass these people, the contrast between their group and the other people is highlighted by the use of muted, fading colors (for the other people) versus bright and pleasing colors (for the group of friends wearing SaGa). The agency was thus contrasting those who do not wear Saga, a dissociative group, with those who do. Meanwhile, RoZa, a high-end fashion store chain in Europe, is planning to enter the Japanese market.

RaZa’s promotional strategy decisions include highlighting the purchase situation in their ads by showing the exclusive boutique store atmosphere, and by using International supermodels that denoted an aspirational group for their target audience. RaZa targeted older and more affluent consumers compared to SaGa; their target market consisted of upper-class gen X’ers in Japan (those born between 1946 and 1976).

RaZa’s research revealed that the Japanese culture understood and respected high-end fashion, The consumer does not make purchase decisions in Isolation. A number of external factors have been identified that may influence consumer decision-making, such as culture, subcultures, social class, reference groups, and situational determinants.

Match the various external (or environmental) influences on consumer behavior to the relevant situations in SaGa’s promotional decisions. Then match these external influences to examples found in RaZa’s decisions Japanese appreciation for high-end fashion SaGa’s Promotional Decisions Born between 1905-1976 External influences Examples of External on Consumer Influence from Behavior RaZa’s Promotional Decisions Subculture Decision to launch in America, which represented a new culture, compared to their existing markets

Group Of People In Silhouette With Talk Bubbles Above Their Heads. Discuss The Core

Writing Assignment Writing Service

Group of people in silhouette with talk bubbles above their heads. Discuss the core components of airlines from a mainline carrier perspective and from a regional airline perspective. In your discussion, examine the principles and practices of managerial planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling, and describe the organizational structure to include the purposes and function of various administrations and departments. Also, include the business segments within the commercial market of mainline and regional airlines as part of your discussion. In your post, include a reference to a peer-reviewed article in the Hunt Library (Links to an external site.) to support your viewpoints. You may reference your readings, however you must also reference another article you found in the library. Don’t forget to cite your source(s)!

PANALBA CASE Assume That It Is August, 1969, And The Upjohn Board Has Called

PANALBA CASE Assume that it is August, 1969, and the Upjohn Board has called a Special Meeting to discuss what should be done with “Panalba.” Panalba is a “fixed-ratio” antibiotic sold by prescription. That is, it contains a combination of drugs. It has been on the market for over 13 years and has been highly successful. It now accounts for about 18 million dollars per year, which is 12 percent of Upjohn Comp income in the U.S. (and a greater percentage of net profits).

Profits from foreign markets, where Panalba in marketed under a de name, are roughly comparable to those in the U.S. Over the past 20 years there have been numerous medical scientists (e.g., the American Medical Association’s Council on Drug to the sale of most fixed-ratio drugs.

The argument has been that (1) there is no evidence that these fixed-ratio drugs have improvcu benefits over single drugs; and (2) that the possibility of detrimental side effects, including death, is doubled. For example, these scientists have estimated that Panalba is causing about 14 to 22 unnecessary deaths per year – i.e., deaths, which could be prevented if the patients had used a substitute made by a competitor of Upjohn.

Despite these recommendations to remove fixed ratio drugs from the market, doctors have continued to use them. They offer a shotgun approach for the doctor who is unsure of his diagnosis. Recently a National Academy of Science – National Research Council panel, a group of impartial scientists, carried out extensive research studies and recommended unanimously that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ban the sale of Panalba.

One of the members of the panel, Dr. Eichewald of the University of Texas, was quoted by the press as saying: “There are few instances in medicine when so many experts have agreed unanimously and without reservation” (about banning Panalba). This view was typical of comments made by other members of the panel. In fact, it was typical of comments which had been made about fixed-ratio drugs over the past 20 years.

These impartial experts then believe that while all drugs have a possibility of side effects, the costs associated with Panalba far exceed the possible benefits. The Special Board Meeting has arisen out of an emergency situation. The FDA has told Upjohn that it plans to ban Panalba in the U.S. and wants to give Upjohn time for a final appeal to them. Should the ban become effective, Upjohn would have to stop all sales of Panalba and attempt to remove inventories from the market.

Upjohn has no close substitute for Panalba, so consumers will be switched to close substitutes, which are easily available from other firms. Some of these substitutes offer benefits which are equivalent to those from Panalba, and yet they have no serious side effects. The selling price of the substitutes is approximately the same as the price for Panalba.

It is extremely unlikely that bad publicity from this case would have any significant effect upon the long-term profits of other products made by Upjohn. Choices: A = Recall; B = Stop Production; C = Stop Advertising; D = Continue till Ban; E = Fight the Ban PANALBA EXERCISE If you were faced with this decision: (1) which option would you choose? (2) Explain why in less than 50 words Recall and destroy Stop Production <ion Stop Advertising Continue to Market Till Ban is in Effect Fight the Ban

Summarize Article And How Blockchain Is A Challenge For Supplychains.Blockchain Technologies Have Captured The

Summarize article and how blockchain is a challenge for supplychains. Blockchain technologies have captured the imagination of scholars, managers, and practitioners around the world. It is widely accepted by these actors that blockchain is not a buzzword, but a highly disruptive technology that is already remodeling the organizations and their supply chain business models.

Despite the meaningful advance in the last years, blockchain applications regarding the operations and supply chain management (OSCM) are still in their infancy. Little is known about the role of blockchain in terms of operations traceability, as well in areas such as e-commerce, agriculture, public services, etc.

Therefore, this Special Issue seeks to extend our understanding of blockchain applications in OSCM and how firms create and capture business value with blockchain. To this effect, this Special Issue will provide a well-articulated and in-depth discussion of the role of blockchain in creating value in the domain of OSCM. Specifically, it is expected that more light is shed on how blockchain integrates with and impacts new business models, transforms relationships, and improves performance and competitive advantage in OSCM.

Also, the evolution of blockchain was reviewed in order to provide a strong background to the readers. The literature review was performed taking into account a bibliometric perspective of blockchain-related publications. The review supports the importance of this Special Issue by highlighting the urgent needs of this topic in this reputable journal. Finally, we provide future research directions and a guide for the papers presented in this Special Issue.

The Finance Department Has Been Directed To Reduce The Cash-to-cash Cycle Time To 25.3

The finance department has been directed to reduce the cash-to-cash cycle time to 25.3 days. You are the operations manager and need to adjust the COGS to achieve that goal. Given the following information, what must your COGS be? Days in the period: 25 Sales: $2280000 AR: $5375000 AP: $4560000 Inventory: $4000000 (Your answer should be a percentage with 2 decimal places)

THE COMPANY IS NIKE, THANKS IN ADVANCE! There Are 5 Marketing Concepts That You

THE COMPANY IS NIKE, THANKS IN ADVANCE! There are 5 Marketing Concepts that you should take into consideration when developing Marketing Strategies. Production Concept, Product Concept, Selling Concept, Marketing Concept, Societal Marketing Concept   In this assignment, you will pick out a company that you choose to do some research on. The 5 Marketing Concepts is what you are looking for in that company. An example is Nike, “The early Nike marketing strategy succeeded by selling benefits, not products. … His only goal was to promote a sport and an idea that he believed in.” https://coschedule.com/blog/nike-marketing-strategy/ To complete this assignment answer the 5 concepts of your company of choice.

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