Unit 2 Examination BCJ 360 Criminal Law

Unit 2 Examination BCJ 360 Criminal Law

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1. Deadly force cannot be used in which defense?

a. defense of property b. self-defense c. nonexculpatory defense d. imperfect defense

2. Murder, robbery, burglary, rape, or arson are known as __________ felonies.

a. compulsory b. optional c. forcible d. non-compulsory

3. Make my day laws are premised on a defense of __________ theory, not a self-defense theory.

a. habitation b. occupancy c. vacancy d. opportunity

4. The __________ states that the nonaggressor is not required to retreat from their home.

a. Make my Day Laws b. Stand your Ground Rule c. Castle Doctrine d. Defense of Others

5. The most often-cited spring gun case is __________.

a. People v. Ceballos b. Graham v. Connor c. State v. Aguillard d. Tennessee v. Garner

6. Which Supreme Court case set the standard for evaluating nondeadly force claims by law enforcement officials?

a. People v. Ceballos b. Graham v. Connor c. State v. Aguillard d. Tennessee v. Garner

7. In helping to decide what a reasonable police officer would do, specific to deadly force, courts need to consider three factors EXCEPT:

a. the severity of the crime b. whether the suspect poses a threat c. whether the suspect is resisting and/or attempting to flee the scene d. the span of the crime

8. Which Supreme Court case set the standard for evaluating deadly force claims by law enforcement officials?

a. People v. Ceballos b. Graham v. Connor c. State v. Aguillard d. Tennessee v. Garner

9. The defense of __________ involves the victim consenting to physical contact or activity with the defendant.

a. habitation b. others c. necessity d. consent

10. This defense justifies certain types of criminal activity when it cannot be avoided.

a. habitation b. others c. necessity d. consent

11. A “temporary psychotic reaction, often manifested by violence, which is triggered by consumption of alcohol by a person with a pre-disposing mental or physical condition” is known as:

a. pathological intoxication b. compulsive alcoholism c. habitual inebriation d. typical intemperance

12. This excuse defense could be applicable if the government is found to have manufactured or initiated a crime that would not have otherwise occurred.

a. duress b. intoxication c. entrapment d. creative excuses

13. When a(n) __________ decision is based on the offender’s predisposition, this is known as a(n) __________ inquiry.

a. duress; subjective b. intoxication; objective c. entrapment; subjective d. creative excuses; objective

14. The first Supreme Court case recognizing the entrapment defense was:

a. Sorrells v. United States a. City of Minneapolis v. Altimus b. Wentworth v. State c. State v. Crawford

15. A focus on the government conduct presumably responsible for someone’s decision to commit a crime is known as a(n):

a. objective inquiry b. subjective inquiry c. impartial examination d. neutral examination

16. This defense is one of the only defenses that calls into question law enforcement’s role in the instigation of crime.

a. duress b. intoxication c. entrapment d. creative excuses

17. The common law put children into three categories based on their capacity to commit crimes. What is the capacity of a seven year old?

a. no criminal capacity b. presumption against criminal capacity c. presumption of criminal capacity d. minimal criminal capacity

18. In general, children under the age of __________ are charged and adjudicated in the juvenile justice system.

a. 16 b. 17 c. 18 d. 19

19. Trying juveniles as adults in the criminal justice system is known as:

a. juvenile waiver b. discretionary waiver c. legislative exclusion d. presumptive waiver

20. This waiver is a waiver of a juvenile defendant from juvenile to adult court is presumed appropriate based on the age, offense, or other factors.

a. presumptive waiver b. mandatory waiver c. discretionary waiver d. juvenile waiver

21. The waiver of a juvenile defendant from adult court to juvenile court is known as a:

a. juvenile waiver b. mandatory waiver c. reverse waiver d. discretionary waiver

22. This deals with defendant’s ability to understand what is happening at the time of trial or a related criminal proceeding.

a. legal insanity b. diminished capacity c. insanity defense d. competency to stand trial

23. This defense is an excuse defense to a criminal charge based on the defendant’s mental condition at the time of the crime.

a. duress defense b. insanity defense c. age defense d. entrapment defense

24. This is an insanity test that focuses on the defendant’s ability to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct based on a mental disease or defect.

a. M’Naghten Test b. Irresistible Impulse Test c. Product Test d. Federal Test

25. This test of insanity is also known as the Durham test.

a. M’Naghten Test b. Irresistible Impulse Test c. Product Test d. Federal Test

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