Unit 1 Examination BCJ 360 Criminal Law

Unit 1 Examination BCJ 360 Criminal Law

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1. Which does not have its origins in common law?

a. The Code of Hammurabi b. special law c. common law d. precedent

2. The appellate stage of the criminal process occurs __________ adjudication.

a. before b. after c. simultaneously to d. None of the above.

3. In the criminal law context, the burden of __________ falls on the prosecutor to establish the defendant’s guilty.

a. proof b. persuasion c. production d. procedure

4. __________ evidence is evidence that proves a fact without the need of the jury to infer anything from it.

a. Real b. Circumstantial c. Direct d. Testimonial

5. __________ evidence is evidence that is relevant and goes to substantial matters in dispute, or has legitimate influence or bearing on the decision of the case.

a. Material b. Demonstrative c. Real d. Direct

Unit 1 Examination

BCJ 360 Criminal Law

6. The __________ Amendment states, in part, that the “accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state.”

a. Second b. Fourth c. Sixth d. Eight

7. The process of examining potential jurors for bias is known as:

a. voir dire b. stare decisis c. malum prohibitum d. malum in se

8. The American court system is synonymous with:

a. dual federalism b. coopeative federalism c. dual court system d. constituent units

9. Overbreadth cases frequently involve the __________ Amendment, which protects the freedom of religion, assembly, and speech.

a. First b. Second c. Fifth d. Eighth

10. __________ is defamation by the written or printed word.

a. Slander b. Group Libel c. Libel d. Seditious Speech

11. __________ is defamation by the spoken word.

a. Slander b. Group Libel c. Libel d. Seditious Speech

Unit 1 Examination

BCJ 360 Criminal Law

12. __________ is an attack on the good reputation of another.

a. Slander b. Group Libel c. Defamation d. Libel

13. __________ advocates rebellion against the government.

a. Slander b. Group Libel c. Libel d. Seditious Speech

14. This Supreme Court case decided that the death penalty, as it was being carried out at the time, was unconstitutional.

a. Furman v. Georgia b. Atkins v. Virginia c. Roper v. Simmons d. Coker v. Georgia

15. This Supreme Court case determined that the death penalty is not permitted for the rape of an adult.

a. Furman v. Georgia b. Atkins v. Virginia c. Roper v. Simmons d. Coker v. Georgia

16. This Supreme Court case determined that the death penalty is not permitted for the rape of a juvenile.

a. Gregg v. Georgia b. Atkins v. Virginia c. Kennedy v. Louisiana d. Coker v. Georgia

17. This type of intent is the intent to commit the actus reus or criminal act of the crime only.

a. Direct b. Transferred c. General d. Specific

Unit 1 Examination

BCJ 360 Criminal Law

18. This type of mens rea or criminal intent in which the defendant unconsciously creates a risk of harm and does not act like a reasonable person under the circumstances:

a. knowledge b. negligence c. recklessness d. malice

19. This is the intent to commit a wrongful act without a legitimate cause or excuse.

a. knowledge b. negligence c. malice d. motive

20. Crimes that do not require mens rea or criminal intent are known as:

a. ex post facto offenses b. strict liability offenses c. negligent offenses d. reckless offenses

21. This type of concurrence states that the mens rea must be linked to the actus reus it is intended to accompany.

a. temporal b. factual c. motivational d. legal

22. This form of causation is the requirement that the defendant’s conduct was the cause in fact of the harm.

a. temporal b. factual c. motivational d. legal

23. Causation, the requirement that the defendant is responsible for the harm, applies only to __________ crimes.

a. result b. conduct c. harmful d. tort

Unit 1 Examination

BCJ 360 Criminal Law

24. Temporal concurrence means that the __________ must accompany the __________ in time.

a. actus reus; mens rea b. mens rea; actus reus c. actus reus; malum prohibitum d. malum prohibitun; mens rea

25. The requirement that the defendant is responsible for the harm in result crimes is known as:

a. temporal causation b. causation c. factual causation d. legal causation

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