Unintentional Injuries

Nursing homework help:

Preventing Exercise-Related and Unintentional Injuries

Multiple Choice Questions

1) All of the following elements are major causes of exercise-related injury except ________.

A) misalignment of arms and wrists

B) improper training techniques

C) alignment problems of the feet and legs

D) improper shoes

2) Too much exercise and not enough recovery time is referred to as ________.

A) supercompensation

B) overtraining syndrome

C) fartlek training


3) To avoid injury, it is recommended that you increase your exercise intensity by no more than ________.

A) 20% over a 2-week period

B) 10% over a 2-week period

C) 20% over a 4-week period

D) 10% over a 4-week period

4) A primary factor in aerobic dance injury would be ________.

A) inconsistent weekly exercise

B) dancing on wooden floors

C) poorly fitting shoes

D) beginning with a 5-minute warm-up

5) All of the following are extrinsic risk factors for a sports injury except ________.

A) type of activity

B) equipment

C) environment

D) gender

6) Which of the following is not an intrinsic risk factor for a sports injury?

A) age

B) body size

C) intensity of activity

D) bone density

7) Back pain is related to which of the following?

A) bed rest

B) high blood pressure

C) inadequate muscle strength in the abdomen and lower back

D) aerobic exercise

8) Which of the following plays a major role in preventing back pain?

A) exercise

B) increasing body fat

C) reducing hip flexibility

D) ballistic stretching

9) Pain developing immediately after exercise that was done for too long or too intensely is referred to as ________.

A) delayed-onset muscle soreness

B) acute muscle soreness

C) overtraining syndrome

D) muscular distension

10) Pain developing 24-48 hours after exercise is referred to as ________.

A) delayed-onset muscle soreness

B) acute muscle soreness

C) overtraining syndrome

D) post-exercise distension

11) A ________ is characterized by swelling, many torn muscle fibers, and extreme pain upon movement.

A) first-degree strain

B) first-degree sprain

C) second-degree strain

D) third-degree sprain

12) ________ occur(s) when muscles are overstretched or forced to shorten against a heavy weight.

A) Muscle strains

B) Tendonitis

C) Ligament sprains

D) Cartilage tears

13) The primary means of preventing ligament sprains is to ________.

A) wear a joint brace

B) consume large amounts of protein

C) avoid intense exercise

D) refrain from activities that place a strain on joints

14) A ________ is damage to a ligament.

A) strain

B) sprain

C) splint

D) split

15) Which injury would be treated using arthroscopic surgery?

A) tendonitis

B) first-degree sprain

C) torn cartilage


16) Patellofemoral pain syndrome is caused by ________.

A) a bout of excessively long or intense exercise

B) excessive force applied to the knee joint

C) poorly aligned quadriceps muscles

D) inflammation of a tendon

17) Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a ________ problem caused by overuse or by being overweight.

A) foot

B) knee

C) cervical

D) lower back

18) You can reduce your chances of developing patellofemoral pain by ________.

A) tightening your triceps muscles

B) strengthening your quadriceps muscles

C) strengthening your hamstring muscles

D) lengthening your latissimus dorsi muscles

19) The impact of the foot on a running surface is approximately ________ times the body weight of the runner.

A) 2.5

B) 5

C) 7.5

D) 10

20) Stress fractures are most likely to occur in ________.

A) the hip bones

B) bones of the wrist and hand

C) long bones of the foot

D) bones of the knee

21) Which muscle is most likely to be involved in a shin splint injury?

A) biceps brachii

B) tibialis anterior

C) latissimus dorsi

D) gluteus minimus

22) RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and ________.

A) elevation

B) exercise

C) extension

D) eversion

23) Cryokinetics is a rehabilitative treatment based on ________.

A) aggressive range-of-motion exercises

B) temporary immobilization

C) heat application

D) ice application

24) A primary risk factor for unintentional injury is ________.

A) bad luck

B) an unsafe attitude

C) exercising caution

D) being aware of your surroundings

25) First aid for ________ involves using the Heimlich maneuver.

A) concussion

B) poisoning

C) choking

D) bleeding


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