The Standard Deviation for Conscientiousness

Practice questions for the MidtermIn this assignment, you will serve as an expert consultant for MPHR. MPHR is interested in examining the descriptive statistics on a number of important employee characteristics including personality, job performance, and tenure. Using their dataset below, you will calculate descriptive statistics and provide your assessment of the results.Dave Jackson, the HR Director has obtained data from a sample of employees at MPHR including personality scores on five facets of personality: neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientious. Scores on these measures range from (1-100) with 100 indicating a higher standing on a particular personality trait. In addition, job performance data is available (one-seven scale as shown below) and tenure (in years).Using Tab 1 of the MPHR Dataset  download,( I have attached) the HR Director is interested in the following questions:1. What is the mean for job performance ratings? Describe what this statistic tells us about performance at MPHR.2. What is the mode for job performance ratings? Describe what this statistic tells us about performance at MPHR.3. What is the mean and median for tenure? Describe what these statistics tell us about tenure at MPHR.4. What are the standard deviations of extraversion and conscientiousness? Describe what these statistics tell us about these two variables in our sample.Here are the answers fromstudents:Student 1 answers:1. What is the mean for job performance ratings? Describe what this statistic tells us about performance at MPHR.The mean for job performance ratings is: 4.28. This is the average of all job performance ratings.This tells us that in our sample, the average of job performance ratings hovers are 4.28, which meets expectations at MPHR. You can assume that half the sample size are receiving ratings less than 4.28 and the other half are receiving ratings higher than 4.28.2. What is the mode for job performance ratings? Describe what this statistic tells us about performance at MPHR.The mode for job performance ratings is: 6. This rating comes up the most often.This tells us that 6 is the most common rating given for job performance. A 6 exceeds improvement, which tells us that most people are performing above average.3. What is the mean and median for tenure? Describe what these statistics tell us about tenure at MPHR.The mean for tenure is: 7.747 yearsThe median for tenure is: 4 yearsThe mean of 7.747 years tells us that the average time an employee spends at MPHR is 7.747 years. The median, which is the number found in the middle of the data set, tells us that most employees spend 4 years at MPHR. Because the mean and the median are different, you can assume that the data is slightly skewed. There are probably a few individuals that spent significantly more years at MPHR than the median amount, which might’ve skewed the mean.4. What are the standard deviations of extraversion and conscientiousness? Describe what these statistics tell us about these two variables inour sample.The standard deviation for Extraversion is: 27.98 or 28.The standard deviation for Conscientiousness is: 22.28The standard deviations for extraversion and conscientiousness are considered to be large. This indicates that the data is more spread out and there is more variation. A low standard deviation would be closer to the mean and show that there is little variation in the dataset examined.Student 2 answers:Mean Job PerformanceMean Job Performance: 4.28The average job performance across the sample of 99 employees falls within the “meets expectations” rankings. While this average is a helpful reference point, it is possible that the mean score could be skewed by a few outliers. So, MPHR would need to keep this in mind.Mode for Job Performance RatingsMode Job Performance: 6Across the 99 employees sampled, 6 (exceeds improvement) is the most common performance rating. While there are a number of factors to consider in performance ratings (mean, motivations behind the scores, etc.), having a mode of 6 could be positive news forMPHR.Mean and Median TenureMean Tenure: 7.7 yearsMedian Tenure: 4 yearsThe mean tenure is 7.7 years. This is the average number of years employees have at the company. However, this number may be skewed by a few outliers, particularly a few employees who have been with MPHR 25+ years.On the other hand, the median tenure is just 4 years. This median figure gives a sense of what most employees experience. In other words, most employees generally spend around 4 years at the company.Standard Deviations for Extraversion and ConscientiousnessExtraversion standard deviation = 27.98 (Average of extraversion = 43.86)
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