The purpose of this assignment is to investigate how differences in the reporting of a piece of news across different outlets might change our perception and understanding of that piece of news.

1. Choose a news story/event from the list or work with me to find one of your own. It should be a fairly substantial news story that appeared in the last few years and would have been reported in a variety of news outlets.
2. Find at least 7 examples of reporting on the story from a wide variety of news outlets/channels in a variety of formats (print, audio, video, podcast, etc.). Your examples should meet the following criteria:
 Be examples of straight reporting not opinion, analysis, or editorial pieces
 At least 1 examples should be from foreign (outside the United States) news source.
 At least 1 example should be from an ethnic or alternative news source.
 At least 1 example from a far right or far left news source.
 At least 1 example from a well-regarded national newspaper (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.).
 At least 1 video example from CNN or another prominent news network. Be careful that the examples you select are not simply reprints of Associated Press (AP) versions of the story (look at the author). If you are struggling to find examples or have questions about any of your sources, please talk with us as soon as possible. While you can obviously use Google News and other similar online sources, there are several library databases you can use to find news. To access them, go to the library’s homepage, then Subject Guides, News, News Sources or
 Lexis-Nexis (has transcripts from media news sources as well as foreign news)
 Access World News (lots of smaller, more local papers and foreign news) 2
 US Newstream (includes Louisville Courier-Journal)
 Ethnic Newswatch
 Newspaper Source (Ebsco)
 New York Times
 Alt-Press Watch (includes advocacy press, left-wing, libertarian, and other issueoriented news sources)
3. Create a bibliography of the examples you find in a citation style of your choice. Identify whether each story is a straightforward/traditional news report or if it veers more towards analysis/commentary on events.
4. Write a double-spaced paper of 4-6 pages analyzing the similarities and differences you find in the ways the story was reported. Consider the following questions in your paper. You do not necessarily need to answer every question in detail, but your analysis should demonstrate that you have thoroughly considered these aspects of the reporting. You should also use ideas from our class discussions and readings (e.g., Bennett, Graves, Parenti) to inform your analysis. Your analysis should NOT be focused on the source’s perceived political bias (Fox is conservative, CNN is liberal, etc.) If you do not go beyond those terms, your grade will reflect a lack of engagement with the class readings!

APA-style 500-word essay critiquing and analyzing an Artwork

Chosen Artwork: The Scream by Edvard Munch 3 or more key terms: Form, content, style, line, painting media, pigments, symmetry, proportion, rhythm, scale, unity, variety, balance, texture etc.

Final projectFinal Report SpecificationThe final report should include the following:- Cover page

Final projectFinal Report SpecificationThe final report should include the following:- Cover page with title, date, author course number, name, and section – Table of contents and list of figures and tables- Introduction- Background information- Finite State Machine- Detailed explanation of Lab view logic code- Conclusions- Bibliography/References/Works citedIn the literature there are many implementations of Traffic light signal in lab view. Students are encouraged to derive ideas from them. However, no plagiarism/copying of lab view files will be allowed. The grading shall also be done based on the novelty and efficiency of the implementation and demonstration.The project needs to download lap view, and the project about signal lights. Design a Four-way Traffic light signal in LabVIEW

1. What are the four layers of the TCP/IP model?

Question 1. What are the four layers of the TCP/IP model?
2. Which layer of the TCP/IP model processes requests from hosts to ensure a connection is made to the appropriate port?3. Identify the port numbers for the following applications:

a. Telnet


c. FTP

d. DNS


4. Define the purpose of a connection-oriented protocol. Give an example

5. Which three packets are exchanged between two hosts when establishing a TCP connection?

6. What is the purpose of a sequence number (SEQ=) in TCP data packets?

7. Explain how a host knows whether a data packet was not received.

8. Describe how a TCP connection is terminated.

9. What is a connectionless protocol? Give an example.

10. What is the purpose of the Internet layer in the TCP/IP protocol suite?

11. What is the purpose of an ARP request?

12. What is the purpose of an ARP reply?

13. Which important networking-troubleshooting tool is part of ICMP, and how does it test a network connection?

14. Convert the following 8-bit binary number to decimal: 10010011

15. Convert the number 65 to its binary equivalent.

16. What is the IP address range for Class C addresses?

17. What is the purpose of Class D IP addresses

18. How many bits are in an IPv4 address? How many octets?

19. The IPv4 address is typically expressed in which format for the user?

20. How many network bits are in each of the following classes? a. Class A b. Class B

21. How many host bits are borrowed if four subnets are created?

22. What is the purpose of a subnet mask?

23. How is a network address of and a subnet mask of written in CIDR?

24. How many bits are in an IPv6 address? 25. IPv6 numbers are written in which format?

26. Express the following IPv6 numbers using double-colon notation: a. 5355:4821:0000:0000:0000:1234:5678:FEDC b. 0000:0000:0000:1234:5678:FEDC:BA98:7654 c. 1234:5678:ABCD:EF12:0000:0000:1122:3344

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