The Environment and Special Populations

Nursing homework help: The Environment and Special Populations

1) Humans regulate their body temperature around ________.

A) 97°F (35°C)

B) 98.6°F (37°C)

C) 99°F (39°C)

D) 93°F (33°C)

2) Which of the following is an indication of impending heat illness?

A) nausea

B) profuse sweating

C) cold, clammy skin

D) hunger

3) Which of the following is the major mechanism of heat loss during exercise?

A) conduction

B) radiation

C) evaporation

D) diffusion

4) At a given metabolic rate and heat production, which of the following exercises would allow the most cooling through convection?

A) running

B) walking

C) cycling

D) lifting weights

5) During exercise, body temperature rises to the highest level in which of the following environmental conditions?

A) high temperature / low humidity

B) high temperature / high humidity

C) low temperature / high humidity

D) low temperature / low humidity

6) Loss of body heat caused by wind movement is called ________.

A) conduction

B) radiation

C) convection

D) evaporation

7) The best way to determine whether environmental conditions are imposing a heat load on your body during exercise is to monitor your ________.

A) breathing

B) sweat rate

C) heart rate

D) skin temperature

8) The body’s physiological adaptation for the purpose of dissipating heat is called ________.

A) growth

B) habituation

C) acclimatization

D) homeostasis

9) Acclimatization to heat stress occurs in approximately ________.

A) 3-4 days

B) 10-12 days

C) 16-20 days

D) >3 weeks

10) Muscle spasms and twitching limbs together are signs of what temperature-induced condition?

A) heat cramps

B) heat exhaustion

C) heat stroke

D) dehydration

11) Which of the following is characterized by weakness, fatigue, decreased blood pressure, blurred vision, and pale, clammy skin?

A) heat cramps

B) heat exhaustion

C) heat stroke

D) hypothermia

12) Failure to sweat, limp muscles, seizures, and vomiting are signs of which temperature-induced condition?

A) heat cramps

B) heat exhaustion

C) heat stroke

D) sarcopenia

13) All of the following are common conditions in heat illness except ________.

A) initiated by exercise

B) significant loss of water

C) increased heat storage by the body

D) increased urine output

14) Some combination of heat production and warm clothing is necessary to maintain body temperature at ambient temperatures of less than ________.

A) 80°F

B) 60°F

C) 40°F

D) 32°F

15) The best strategy for dressing to exercise in the cold is to wear ________.

A) the thickest garment available

B) light-colored clothes

C) clothing that retards moisture penetration

D) layers of clothing

16) ________ is not a suitable fabric as the base layer of clothing when you are exercising in the cold.

A) Wool

B) Silk

C) Thinsulate

D) Cotton

17) The primary concern with exercise at high altitude is ________.

A) the decreased temperature

B) the lack of oxygen in the air

C) the lower barometric pressure, limiting oxygen transport in the blood

D) a loss of appetite

18) No reduction in VO2max is noticed until you reach an elevation of approximately ________ feet.

A) 3500

B) 5000

C) 10,000

D) 12,000

19) Which of the following occurs to help the body cope with the stress of altitude?

A) decreased heart rate

B) increased breathing rate

C) both decreased heart rate and increased breathing rate

D) increased heart rate

20) Which of the following is not a symptom of acute mountain sickness ?

A) severe headache

B) nausea

C) dizziness

D) weight loss

21) Which air pollutant binds with hemoglobin and reduces blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity?

A) ozone

B) carbon monoxide

C) nitrogen

D) nitrous oxide

22) One step to take to ensure that you will maintain an exercise program even during stressful times is to ________.

A) have an “all-or-nothing” attitude

B) choose an activity that you do not enjoy

C) plan your workouts ahead of time

D) refuse to accept help

23) Which of the following exercises would NOT be recommended for a pregnant woman?

A) cycling

B) basketball

C) swimming

D) jogging

24) The loss of bone mass in women accelerates after menopause because of a decline in ________.

A) progesterone

B) estrogen

C) ghrelin

D) testosterone

25) Loss of skeletal muscle mass in aging adults is known as ________.

A) osteoporosis

B) presbyopia

C) sarcopenia

D) anemia

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