The Communication Barrier

Question 2

What could the communication barrier of internal noise be described as?

Noise that comes from machines or music in the background

Listening to music while others are speaking

Ringing in the ears that distracts our thoughts

Our opinions and biases that influence our message

Question 3

Destructive communication can be escalated by why type of communication?

Supportive communication

Dependency communication

Defensive communication

Neutrality communication

Question 4

Which type of communication reinforces conformity rather than critical thinking?

Supportive communication

Neutrality communication

Defensive communication

Dependency communication

Question 5

Nonverbal communication is not categorized by:

Sending a message via email

People’s identities, emotions, and relationships

Nonverbal communication that makes up the bulk of the messages you send

Nonverbal messages that are sent in advance of verbal messages

Question 6

How can technology be a barrier to communication?

Email can be used to communicate.

Video announcements share too much information.

Personal connection and a sense of relationship can be lost.

Technology is expensive.

Question 7

People typically identify with groups of people who share which of these cultural similarities? Choose 3 that apply.

Body type

Views and beliefs


Political ideology

Value system

Question 8

What is a power gradient?

When everyone on the team is at the same level in an organization

When someone does not speak up in a meeting because they are shy

When the electrical power fluctuates causing dimming of the lights

When there is a perceived difference in the importance of 1 role over another

Question 9

Cultural differences can be based on which of the following? Select all that apply.


Education level

Religious customs

Sexual orientation

Eye color

Question 10

Which statement contributes to communication barriers?

Not making assumptions regarding a person’s behavior

Pretending that you understand the language breakdown during the communication process

Acknowledging and accepting the cultural differences

Avoiding cultural slang usage

Question 11

When discussing a project with Bob, you say, “The project plan presented last week has a couple of issues that need to be addressed.” Your statement to Bob is an example of what type of voice?

Passive voice

Supportive voice

Active voice

Paraphrasing voice

Question 12

Which of these may be a factor in effective verbal communication if the speaker does not follow the local language’s word order, such as in Star Wars, when Yoda says, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

Contextual rules

Socialism rules

Semantic rules

Syntactic rules

Question 13

Which type of communication works to resolve conflict and build relationships?

Defensive communication

Neutrality communication

Dependency communication

Supportive communication

Question 14

Select 3 principles of verbal communication.

Words do not mean the same thing to all people.

Recognize variations of how spoken language is used across cultures.

All languages have value.

Language does not have rules.

Everyone does not speak with a dialect.

Question 15

Which 3 of the following help to overcome perceptions?

Asking questions for a better understanding

Believing the stereotypes that you read about

Distinguishing fact from opinion

Developing better listening skills

Question 16

Sound waves create a physiological response where the brain interprets the sound waves and correlates those with a meaning. What is this passive process known as?





Question 17

What is the earliest form of listening for a human that occurs when we do not yet understand the actual words used known as?

Biased listening

Discriminative listening

Comprehensive listening

Informational listening

Question 19

Perception is not based on:

Personal beliefs

Factual information that is presented

Cultural values

Prior experiences

Question 20

If highly technical terminology is used in a communication and is not understood by the audience, what form of noise is this?

Semantic noise

Internal noise

External noise

Jargon noise

Question 21

In this emotional listening style, the hearer seeks to provide support and to put themselves in the place of the sender to experience the issue.

Sympathetic listening

Evaluative listening

Empathic listening

Supportive listening

Question 22

What does paraphrasing a message back to a speaker do?

Explains the reasons for feelings or behavior

Asks more questions to clarify

Uses your own words to summarize the content and feeling

Solves, judges, or advises

Question 23

Sandwiched criticism is when criticism is placed between 2 positive statements. Why might this be a poor approach?

Sandwiched criticism comes across as a personal attack.

Sandwiched criticism places too much emphasis on the positive messages.

Sandwiched criticism makes the other person hungry.

Sandwiched criticism can cause confusion and send a mixed message.

Question 24

Which type of communication creates a climate for open exchange of ideas and thoughts?

Neutrality communication

Supportive communication

Defensive communication

Dependency communication

Question 25

Which of the following is not a defensive behavior response?





Question 26

Which statements promote effective verbal communication?

Verify all nonverbal messages.

Consider the messages you are communicating nonverbally.

Recognize how you communicate nonverbally.

Generalize that all nonverbal cues are the same for all people.

Question 27

Which of these factors should you consider in cross cultural communication?

Socioeconomic status

Marital status

Leadership status


Question 28

Which statement hinders the principles of cross-cultural communication?

A person does not use prior knowledge of cultural differences.

The greater the linguistic-cultural difference, the greater the likelihood of communication breakdown is.

Different cultures have different norms and taboos.

When communication breaks down with cross-cultural encounters, it is usually attributed to cultural differences.

Question 29

How do we minimize communication breakdown in meetings?

Ignore what is being said because you have the correct answer.

Write out your grocery list so you don’t forget any items.

There is no need to listen to the speaker; handouts will be given at the end of the meeting.

Recognize your personal perceptions during the communication process.

Question 30

Which 2 statements are true about nonverbal communication?

Trust is increased when nonverbal and verbal communication complement each other.

Nonverbal messages communicate much about relationships.

Nonverbal communication is an insignificant amount of the messages you send.

Nonverbal communication is not culture-bound and does not reflect the values and norms of a culture.

Question 31

Which approach would delay the process of communication cross-culturally?

High versus low power differences in relationships

Individualism versus collectivism


Masculinity versus femininity

Question 32

How would supportive communication improve operational efficiency in an organization?

Managers have more time for strategic planning.

Employees would withhold suggestions.

Volume of communication would increase.

Innovation and sharing of ideas would increase.

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