SU NSG4055 W1 Project Overweight and Obesity

SU NSG4055 W1 Project Overweight and Obesity

This paper highlights Obesity and Overweight because this condition has become rampant and is growing into a pandemic. Obesity has become a health problem globally and is cited as the major cause of type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and other health complications that lead to mortality and morbidity. The cost related to this illness is substantial (Caballero, 2019). Therefore, there is a need to create population-based strategies to enlighten the public on preventing excessive weight gain and embracing health behaviors such as a balanced diet and regular exercise.

According to the World Health Organization, over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from overweight issues because the quota is obese. Research shows that many people die due to obesity other than being underweight (World Health Organization, 2018). This chronic condition is preventable and is manageable. It is critical to note that this condition affects adults, and kids equally.

Weight is a product of energy balance. It is a balance between the intake of energy and its consumption. This study intends to identify the specific eating behaviors that increase the chance of overweight and obesity. There is a positive correlation between consuming beverages with added sugar, the huge consumption of fast foods, and obesity (Dubasi et al., 2019). On the other hand, consuming less dense foods such as fruits and vegetables is negatively associated with overweight and obesity. Therefore, obesity patients can seek clinic-based counseling behaviors to help patients with high-risk overweight.


The purpose of this questionnaire is to obtain all the necessary information from the Obesity patients to help create a formidable care plan.

How many meals do you take in a day?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4 or more

How often do you eat sweets (cakes, candy, ice cream)?

A. 1 time a week

B. 2 times week

C. 3 times a week

D. 4 times a week or more

How often do you take in sweetened beverages such as juices and soft drinks?

A. 1 time a week

B. 2 times week

C. 3 times a week

D. 4 times a week or more

How often do you eat fried/greasy foods?

A. 1 time a week

B. 2 times week

C. 3 times a week

D. 4 times a week or more

How regularly do you eat salty snacks?

A. 1 time a week

B. 2 times week

C. 3 times a week

D. 4 times a week or more

How often do you eat fruits and/or vegetables?

A. 1 time a week

B. 2 times week

C. 3 times a week

D. 4 times a week or more

How regularly do you use butter, mayonnaise, oil…etc. in your foods?

A. Once a day

B. 1-3 times a week

C. 3-5 times week

D. once a month

How often do you eat out (family functions, party, or socially)?

A. Once in a week

B. 2-5 times a week

C. 3-4 times a month

D. Once a month

How many days a week do you exercise

A. Once a week

B. 1-3 time a week

C. 3- 5 times week

D. once a month

How long does the exercise last for each session?

A. 15-30 minutes

B. 30-mins to 1hr

C. Over an hour

D. Never

Morbidity and Comorbidity of Obesity

· Clinicians need to check their patient if they exhibit, following comorbidities that closely links to obesity.

· Malignant: If the patients report any cases of prostate, endometrial, breast, rectal, gastric, cardiac, and gallbladder symptoms.

· Respiratory: When patients exhibit a predisposition of respiratory infections, obstruction sleep apnea, Pickwickian syndrome or increased bronchial asthma, it highly suggests that the patient might be ill from obesity.

· Psychological disorder such as depression and social stimulation

· Effects on the Central Nervous System (CNS) such as idiopathic hypertension, stroke, and meralgia parenthetical

· Cardiovascular issues such as essential hypertension, coronary artery disease, obesity-associated cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, and pulmonary hypertension of obesity

It is critical to note that obese patients are more likely to develop complications such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, and even type 2 diabetes mellitus, stroke, gout, and osteoarthritis. There are also certain cancers associated with obesity, such as breast and prostate cancer. Excess body weight increases the mortality rates substantially because it predisposes the body to numerous other opportunistic diseases. Besides, psychological research also associates obese people among the population with binge-drinking, depression, and mental disorders. And to some extensions, obese people often suffer from self-esteem issues or they get stigmatized and discriminated against by their peers. As a result, obesity negatively impacts their quality of life.

The Impact of Chronic Illness on the overall health of the Nation

Obesity is a key risk factor in the current world. Previous studies have positively established a relationship between obesity and mortality. An increase in Body Mass Index (BMI) causes an increase in lipid levels in the body. Vast BMI levels increase blood pressure and unfavorable high cholesterol can cause dangerous accumulation of plaque, increasing the chance of succumbing from complications. So, obesity is linked to many different consequences to the nation, and this effect includes:

Increasing possibility of Cancer. Many types of cancers are linked with obesity, according to the American Cancer and Research Centre. High BMI increases the chances of developing endometrial cancer by three times. Obesity is linked to many different chronic illnesses, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, heart disease, and vascular complications. The current world has experienced much advancement and a big supply of fat foods. Children at the age are brought up in an obesogenic environment where the commercial industries and media aggressively market unhealthy food. The increased urbanization has led to an increase in unhealthy foods such as sweetened drinks and greasy, fatty foods, which are nutrient-poor, energy-dense, and sugar-sweetened sold. Such poor feeding and eating habits linked the public with obesity. It is also critical to note that obesity is more prominent in the lower-income groups. As such, it further hardens their situation since they will need money to maintain the condition. The children also face challenges with their peers in school as they are bullied for their bodies; hence, they lose self-esteem and are prone to developing psychological issues.

The obesity epidemic has a direct link with the direct medical cost. Since this condition increases the risk of many serious health conditions, the patient will incur additional costs in diagnosing and treating the cognition. There is a high medical cost lined to obesity-related disease, and as such, the nation will lose a lot of time and money to treat the disease. The country’s economy, directly and indirectly, suffers from the effects of obesity. As such, this indirect cost of handling this condition severely impacts the economy, reducing the population’s productivity. Productivity loss from the labor market comes from absenteeism, where employees fail to report to work because of obesity-related effects (Rao et al., 2018). Current studies found that the most impactful category or measurement of the productivity cost. Studies in most European countries showed that obesity is closely related to work disability. Most people have been rendered disabled because it reduced mobility, which negatively limits the quality of life.

In line with the Healthy People goals and objectives, centers of disease prevention and control are pushing a notch higher to attain a high quality of lives and prevent injury, disability, and premature death. To achieve this objective, the health organizations and world government should invest in creating awareness for preventing obesity and encourage the public to be conscious of their health. Healthy people intend to promote healthy development, a better quality of life, and healthy behaviors across all age groups.


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