Quality of Care in a Healthcare Organization

Question 1 (3 points)


Who has ultimate responsibility for the quality of care rendered in a healthcare organization?

Question 1 options:

Governing board (board of directors/trustees)

Chief of the medical staff

Medical executive committee

Medical staff credentialing committee


Question 2 (3 points)


When acting on applications for medical staff privileges, both government-owned and private hospitals must provide procedural due process.

Question 2 options:




Question 3 (3 points)


A significant aspect of the Health Care Quality Improvement Act is that it

Question 3 options:

creates a national data bank on peer review activities

estabishes a national board of appeals for peer review decisions

requires hospitals to immediately suspend any physician suspected of misconduct

allows courts to substitute their judgments about decisions to suspend a physician’s privileges


Question 4 (3 points)


In cases involving discipline of medical staff members, an allegation of “unprofessional conduct” is too vague and subjective to be a valid standard.

Question 4 options:




Question 5 (3 points)


Which of the following is not commonly a function of the organized medical staff?

Question 5 options:

Providing continuing medical education

Serving as a liaison between physicians and the governing board

Doing background checks on applications for medical staff privileges

Investigating Medicare and Medicaid fraud by physicians


Question 6 (3 points)


Legal disputes with the medical staff must be avoided if at all possible because

Question 6 options:

collusion with the medical staff violates antitrust laws

physicians are hospital employees

such disputes are disruptive and expensive

physicians are solely responsible for admitting patients


Question 7 (3 points)


A hospital enters into an exclusive contract with a physician or physician group to provide specialty services (e.g., anesthesia or emergency department coverage). If that decision is challenged by a physician who has been excluded from performing those services, the courts generally defer to the hospital’s decision and find in favor of the hospital.

Question 7 options:




Question 8 (3 points)


“Corporate liability” refers to which of the following?

Question 8 options:

A corporation’s responsibility for the acts of its employees

Use of reasonable care in appointing members of the medical staff

Medical malpractice insurance coverage

Medicare Conditions of Participation


Question 9 (3 points)


Of the following legal issues, which is most likely to be of concern in the peer review process?

Question 9 options:


Criminal background checks

Medical society membership

Confidentiality of peer review records


Question 10 (3 points)


Under common-law principles, for many years private hospitals were essentially free of court intervention in decisions about medical staff appointments.

Question 10 options:




Question 11 (3 points)


A patient in a hospital-owned ambulance is considered to have “come to the hospital” for purposes of the federal law on emergency medical care.

Question 11 options:




Question 12 (3 points)


The federal law on emergency medical conditions applies to anyone on hospital property who the hospital determines has an emergency medical condition, even if the individual is not in the emergency department.

Question 12 options:




Question 13 (3 points)


As a matter of common law, a physician has no duty to respond to a stranger’s call for medical assistance.

Question 13 options:




Question 14 (3 points)


Under federal law, a woman who is in labor is considered to have an emergency condition.

Question 14 options:




Question 15 (3 points)


To be a violation of the federal emergency medical treatment law, a hospital’s refusal to see a patient must have been motivated by the patient’s inability to pay.

Question 15 options:




Question 16 (3 points)


Most courts have held that the federal law on emergency medical conditions essentially allows patients to sue for damages in federal court if their medical screening exams were performed negligently.

Question 16 options:




Question 17 (3 points)


Historically, a physician’s duty to treat someone was founded upon which principle?

Question 17 options:

The doctor-patient relationship

Medicare Conditions of Participation

Joint Commission standards

Res ipsa loquitur


Question 18 (3 points)


The federal law that requires evaluation of persons who come to a hospital emergency room is called

Question 18 options:






Question 19 (3 points)


Which of the following is the best summary of the purpose of a Good Samaritan Statute?

Question 19 options:

To require people to stop blind men from walking off cliffs

To protect people from liability who render aid at the scene of an accident

To protect paramedics and other “first responders” from lawsuits

To provide financial incentives that encourage emergency response teams


Question 20 (3 points)


When can a patient who appears at a hospital and asks for emergency treatment be transferred to another facility?

Question 20 options:


After the patient has been admitted and the condition is no longer an emergency

When a transfer is in the patient’s best interests, medically speaking

When no physician is on duty


Question 21 (3 points)


The expression “implied consent” is most applicable in which of the following situations?

Question 21 options:

When the patient has been seeing the doctor for many years

When the treatment is part of a clinical research project

When the patient is dying

When there is an emergency and the patient is unconscious


Question 22 (3 points)


Proof of a patient’s consent is a defense against which type of lawsuit?

Question 22 options:



False imprisonment



Question 23 (3 points)


Which of the following factors is not relevant to a decision whether to provide nonemergency care to a competent 17-year-old.

Question 23 options:

The individual is married.

The individual is a member of the US Armed Forces.

The individual is a high-school graduate.

The individual is mature, and the treatment is relatively minor.


Question 24 (3 points)


What type of consent is most commonly an issue in a medical malpractice case?

Question 24 options:

Deathbed consent

Express consent

Informed consent

Testamentary consent


Question 25 (3 points)


The proper role of a medical interpreter is to translate literally the physician’s words into the patient’s native language.

Question 25 options:




Question 26 (3 points)


“Ghost surgery” refers to what questionable practice?

Question 26 options:

Procedures performed by a substitute physician


Voodoo rituals

Training of medical residents


Question 27 (3 points)


Which of the following was not a “right to die” case?

Question 27 options:

In re Quinlan

Matter of Conroy

Buck v. Bell

Cruzan v. Director


Question 28 (3 points)


A patient has a right to refuse to consent to medical treatment because

Question 28 options:

treatment without consent is battery

it is in the Constitution

otherwise the doctor cannot be paid

it is required by Medicare


Question 29 (3 points)


Which of the following is the recent effort to convert patients’ preferences into enforceable physicians’ orders?

Question 29 options:


Patient Self-Determination Act


AMA Physician Order Form


Question 30 (3 points)


Even if a patient is competent to consent, the patient’s spouse must also consent to the patient’s major surgery if the risk is great.

Question 30 options:




Question 31 (3 points)


What is the most significant legal problem with relying on oral consent?

Question 31 options:

It is prohibited by Medicare regulations.

It is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath.

It is ultra vires.

It is difficult to prove.


Question 32 (3 points)


If a woman is unconscious but in labor, this condition is an emergency to which the concept of implied consent can be applied.

Question 32 options:




Question 33 (3 points)


Which of the following is not necessary for a valid informed consent?

Question 33 options:

Explanation of the nature of the treatment

Use of language the patient can understand

Quote for the approximate cost of the procedure

Discussion of possible alternative treatments


Question 34 (3 points)


Income from the sale of goods and services to hospital patients is generally not taxable.

Question 34 options:




Question 35 (3 points)


All income of a charitable corporation is exempt from federal taxation.

Question 35 options:




Question 36 (3 points)


A charitable corporation buys a new piece of land with plans to start building a hospital in two years. On the next property tax assessment date, the land is still vacant and construction has not begun. In most states, what is the most likely result of the charity’s petition for exemption from real estate taxes?

Question 36 options:

Because the charity owns the land, the property is exempt.

Because the land is not being used, the property is not exempt.

If building permits have been issued, the property is exempt.

If the charity is a church, the property is exempt.


Question 37 (3 points)


Tax-exempt corporations are not-for-profit, but not all not-for-profit corporations are tax exempt.

Question 37 options:




Question 38 (3 points)


A corporation that is exempt from federal taxation may not take a position in support of a particular candidate for elective office.

Question 38 options:




Question 39 (3 points)


Which of the following would disqualify a corporation from being tax exempt?

Question 39 options:

Being organized as a not-for-profit

Serving a charitable purpose

Paying dividends to shareholders

Serving a religious purpose


Question 40 (3 points)


In the context of tax-exempt corporations, the term “excess benefits” refers to which of the following?

Question 40 options:

A healthy employee benefits plan

Net income

The cost of health insurance

Large salaries and perks for executives

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