Physiological and Mental Response

Nursing homework kelp:

1) A physiological and mental response to something in your environment that makes you uncomfortable is defined as ________.

A) stress

B) a stressor

C) eustress

D) hypostress

2) A factor that produces stress is called ________.

A) eustress

B) hypostress

C) a stressor

D) a tensor

3) Eustress refers to ________.

A) high stress levels leading to disease.

B) low stress levels leading to impaired performance.

C) stress levels that lead to improved performance.

D) low stress levels leading to fatigue

4) The main stress hormone released by the endocrine system is ________.

A) epinephrine

B) ghrelin

C) insulin

D) cortisol

5) All of the hormones below are released by the body during the fight-or-flight response except ________.

A) leptin

B) epinephrine

C) cortisol

D) norepinephrine

6) The ________ is responsible for activating the fight-or-flight response.

A) sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system

B) central nervous system

C) parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system

D) peripheral nervous system

7) People with Type B behavior pattern are generally ________.

A) impatient and aggressive

B) hostile

C) overweight

D) easygoing

8) Individuals with Type ________ behavior are prone to worry, anxiety, and discomfort when interacting with others.

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D

9) A potential negative health effect of stress is ________.

A) lowered blood pressure

B) increased mental alertness

C) lowered disease resistance

D) increased plasma volume

10) The fight-or-flight response occurs during which stage of the general adaptation syndrome?

A) alarm stage

B) acceptance stage

C) resistance stage

D) exhaustion stage

11) According to Selye, the body is most susceptible to disease during the ________ of the general adaptation syndrome.

A) alarm stage

B) denial stage

C) resistance stage

D) exhaustion stage

12) The body’s ability to change and adapt in stressful situations is known as ________.

A) burnout

B) allostasis

C) homeostasis

D) general adaptation

13) The point at which the body becomes unable to respond appropriately to stress is termed ________

A) eustress

B) burnout

C) allostatic load

D) the fight-or-flight response

14) A loss of physical, emotional, and mental energy that can lead to illness and emotional exhaustion is the phenomenon called ________.

A) allostatic load

B) burnout

C) fight-or-flight response

D) overcompensation

15) ________ is a stress-reduction technique that involves contracting and relaxing muscle groups.

A) Meditation

B) Deep breathing

C) Progressive relaxation training

D) Visualization

True/False Questions A = True B = False

16) The factor that produces stress is called eustress.

17) Eustress is defined as a level of stress that results in improved performance.

18) Cortisol increases production of epinephrine and norepinephrine and suppresses the immune system.

19) Males experience a different physiological response to stress than females.

20) People with Type A behavior pattern respond well to stress.

21) People with Type B behavior pattern generally do not respond greatly to stress.

22) People with Type D behavior pattern are at a low risk for heart disease.

23) Gender differences impact the way we respond to stressors.

24) Having poor time-management skills can lead to stress.

25) More than 75% of all physician visits are for stress-related complaints.

26) Some people develop migraine headaches in response to chronic stress.

27) During the alarm stage of the general adaptation syndrome, the body is less susceptible to disease or injury.

28) A classic example of stress that can be avoided is over-commitment.

29) Breathing exercises are a simple means of achieving relaxation.

30) Stress causes Heart disease, high blood pressure , divorce, and reduces chances for success.

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