Lack of Interagency Cooperation

Discuss posting below. What was similar and what was different regarding your perspective?  What can be added, or what do you disagree with?  Be sure to comment on the lack of interagency cooperation.  Provide responses that enhance the author’s original posting and thought process. Be sure everyone has at least one response. Wrap up this discussion by the end of Week 4.  Remember if you use sources, you must cite them.ADAMS:1. Purpose and scope of NIMS The purpose and scope of NIMS varies throughout agencies, but they are generally the same. The purpose of NIMS is to provide a whole community and responding agencies with shared vocabulary, methods and ideas so that all agencies can work together.

The scope of NIMS is to provide a guide to all levels of government, nongovernment and private agencies to help prevent, protect and respond to incidents with a high success rate. NIMS creates a standardized response and communication method for all agencies which helps improve interagency operations.2. NIMS three major components and explain which you feel is most important to interagency emergency management The three major components of NIMS are: resource management, command and coordination, communications and information management.

Each of these components are important because they provide different aspects when it comes to interagency operations which all contribute to the overall success. In my opinion, the most important component is communication and information management, simply because communication is key to any response. Incidents can already be hectic when you are in the heat of the moment but if the communication is not effective then it can hinder the entire outcome of the response.

While information management is key to organizing what there is and what may be needed, without proper information agencies will not be able to accurately determine what resources are needed.3. NIMS three guiding principles and explain which you feel is most important to interagency emergency management The three guiding principles of NIMS are flexibility, standardization and unity of effort. All three of these principles are important because they work together to provide the best response and without one, the rest would not have the proper outcome.

The one I feel is the most important is the standardization because this can be taught at the lowest level, some organizations are able to frequently work with other agencies while others do not but if they already work with the same standard, the interoperability will not be an issue within interagency operations.4. Purpose and scope of NRF The purpose of the National Response Framework is to provide a guide on how the nation responds to all types of disasters and emergencies. This is important because it allows different agencies to understand how operations should be conducted and interagency operations are improved.

The scope of the NRF is designed to ensure all incidents large and small are met with the same expectations. The scope is intended to provide common operations and practices throughout the nation so that when interagency operations are needed, they are more successful.5. NRF guiding principles and explain which you feel is most important to interagency emergency management “The following principles establish fundamental doctrine for the response mission area to support locally executed, state managed, and federally supported disaster operations: (1) engaged partnership;(2) tiered response; (3) scalable, flexible, and adaptable operational capabilities; (4) unity of effort” (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2019). Again, each principle is important and without one, the rest would not work as well but to me the most important is the engaged partnership simply because practice makes perfect.

If agencies are constantly engaged and train together then when the time comes for them to operate together, the transition should be seamless.6. List three Federal Government roles you feel is most important to interagency EM There are many different government roles that play important roles throughout emergency management depending on the type of emergency but the ones I feel are important are FEMA, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. Each of these agencies seem to be operating during any disaster or emergency so they seem to be the most important.7. Discuss obstacles that might inhibit interagency cooperation at the Federal level, and what are the consequences of the lack of interagency cooperation on emergency management.

There are so many obstacles that may impact agencies differently depending on so many variables such as the incident, resources and community. When it comes to interagency operations the biggest obstacle could be communication and the physical operation with other agencies. When communication and operations are not clearly established throughout an incident, the situation can become dangers or unsuccessful. References U.S. Department of Homeland Security. (2017, October). National incident management system: 3rd edition. Department of Homeland Security. (2019, October 28). National Response Framework.

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