Global Marketing

This assignment is for global marketing. I need someone that speaks and writes English on a daily basis. Also, someone that can follow the directions as given.  If you think you take on this assignment and answers the questions at the bottom message me. That will be the only way I will accept your bid.  This assignment is answering 4 discussion posts. The only you have to do is read the post and agree with the person or if the person is missing something nicely correct them. Each response has to be 100 words. Post 1   Define the term Hyper competition with an example.

Identify a firm that competes in a hypercompetitive industry. Hyper competition is a strategy framework developed by Richard D’Alene that breaks down into four “arenas” where companies fight for competitive advantage that cannot be sustained long-term due to strategic maneuvering and other factors by competition (Keegan & Green, 2020, p. 527). An example of a firm that competes in a hypercompetitive industry is Apple. Their industry is hyperactive because it is constantly evolving as companies develop new features and technology which then makes older products obsolete. This takes away pricing advantages and product advantages as many competitors one-up Apple which forces them to develop better, unique features. Explain how the five partners (flagship) model developed by Rugman and D ’Cruz differ from Porter’s five forces model? The biggest difference between the five partner’s model and the five forces model is simplicity. Porter’s five forces model is relatively simple and consists of the following forces that affect an industry: Competitive Rivalry, Buyer Power, Supplier Power, Threat of Substitution and Threat of new entry. 

The five partners model is consisted of Key Suppliers, Key Consumers, Key Customers, Selected Competitors and Non-Business Infrastructure (NBI). While both are still effective, the Flagship model is more in-tune with today’s business environment because it entails that no company can be successful on its own and it needs healthy relationships with numerous groups of people/businesses to truly succeed while Porter’s model is based more on a company doing everything itself. “A major difference between the flagship model and Porter’s model is that the latter is based on the notion of corporate individualism and individual business transactions” (Keegan & Green, 2020, p. 532). Determine how the firm you selected uses dynamic strategic interactions to compete in each arena listed in the model on 16-2, which are cost and quality, timing and know-how, entry barriers, and deep pockets. Target is a retail giant that often relies on its suppliers to be able to profit. The first arena, Cost and Quality, require Target to carry products in which it can purchase wholesale for cheaper then make pricing decisions based on the quality. The second arena, Timing and Know-How, involves Target being smart and expanding their brand when the timing is right. They have purchased or branded many products they now carry to include the famous ‘Bullseye’s Playground” which is their mascot’s pet product line.

Entry barriers in the retail world are stiff and can prove beneficial to those companies that already have a stronghold in the market. Target operated in this arena by developing their own loyalty card program in response to several competitors which allowed them to keep many consumers and gain some as well. Deep Pockets has also worked in Target’s favor in the sense that for a long time they were the “little-guy” in battle with Walmart. Over the years, they have overcome barriers that Walmart has put in the market and have prided themselves on better quality products for a cheaper price than their competition. What is the connection if any, between national competitive advantage and a company competitive advantage? The connection between National Competitive Advantage and Company Competitive Advantage is that of supply and demand. A nation has a competitive advantage if it can produce and demand a product at a much higher rate than others. It can also have a competitive advantage through laws and regulations. For example, due to India’s strict rules and regulations in regard to foreign retail giants, they have a low competitive advantage versus other countries with a more free market. If a country has a population that wants to buy a product consistently, they mirror a company that can provide that product consistently as well.

In my opinion, these two types of advantage often are related. References Keegan, W. J., & Green, M. C. (2020). Global marketing (10th ed.). Retrieved from     Your Response    Post 2   ·       Define the term hyper competition with an example. Identify a firm that competes in a hypercompetitive industry. Hyper competition refers to the use of strategies by an organization to disrupt a competitive advantage and engage in market strategies the expedite the pace of competition. Hypercompetitive environments are dynamic economic worlds in which no advantage is sustainable and within which everything can change (Keegan & Green, 2020). The capacity of companies to navigate strategic interactions quickly End to continually evolve and grow determine extent to which they can survive in market chart rise by hyper competition. The rapid evolution of a market can be facilitated by low barriers to entry and high impacts of changing dynamics suggest price-quality positioning and technological innovation (Rugman, 2008). In Johnson (2018), D’Aveni stated that hyper competition occurs through strategic actions in four primary areas: “cost and quality, timing and know-how, barriers to entry, and deep pockets” (16.2).

Sustainable advantages only occur when companies are able to navigate each of these domains, implementing strategic changes and countering the movements of key competitors in ways that support the maintenance of relative strength. one firm that competes in a hyper competitive industry is Samsung, whose Galaxy series product mix is deleting mobile device by sales volume in the world. ·       Explain how the five partners (flagship) model developed by Rugman and D’Cruz differ from Porter’s five forces model? The five partners (flagship) model is different from the Porter’s Five Forces Model because it is more dynamic and a reflection of the continual evolution of markets today. The Five Forces Model is comprised of competitive rivalry, purchasing power, supplying power, the threat of substitutes, and the threat of new entry (Rugman, 2008). By comparison, the flagship model consists of key suppliers, key consumers, key customers, select competitors, and the non-business infrastructure (Keegan & Green, 2020). The flagship model is representative of the corporate entity as a primary hub around which multiple stakeholder groups revolve. Strategic managers who can recognize and attend to the interests and needs of each stakeholder group successfully on an ongoing basis will be best prepared to maintain healthy relationships and evolve in the face of growing market challenges. The five forces model is based on the premise that enterprises act as individuals who engage in individual business transactions. The flagship model is more representative of dynamic market forces and the interests of multiple stakeholder groups (Rugman, 2008). ·      

Determine how the firm you selected uses dynamic strategic interactions to compete in each arena listed in the model on 16-2, which are cost and quality, timing and know-how, entry barriers, and deep pockets. In terms of cost and quality, Samsung works to position Galaxy phones at a price that is 10%-15% below its primary competitor, the iPhone. Galaxy phones often feature many of the same innovation was slightly different nuances and user interfaces (Eadicicco, 2017). Samsung often attempt to enter markets with new product rollouts and device iterations slightly before the iPhone, and in this way it is able to generate market publicity and attract new customers who are not compelled to wait for a new iPhone rollout (Cornelius, 2017). Samsung utilizes timing and know-how by focusing on markets in developing nations, particularly in Africa, Southeast Asia, in South America, providing the company with a truly global footprint. Samsung leverages barriers to entry bye redirecting profits toward innovation and development, which provides a stable source of competitive advantage because most other companies cannot utilize resources in this way. Finally, Samsung works to leverage purchasing power in many ways, including by expanding its value chain into new markets and buy investing heavily in product innovation to stay ahead of the curve in terms of new technologies. ·      

What is the connection if any, between national competitive advantage and a company competitive advantage? A company can leverage a national competitive advantage into its own source of advantage when the national reputation of competitors in a specific market is strong (Keegan & Green, 2020). Examples include Japanese in German automakers, which have successfully taking huge portions of the global automobile market based on successful recognition of customer preferences and a commitment to quality manufacturing. The national competitive advantage enjoyed by Japanese automakers has often been concentrated within a small number of corporations like Honda and Toyota. However, smaller Japanese automakers can also benefit from this national competitive advantage. Japan has held onto a national competitive advantage for three or four decades, and this contributes to the financial performance of all Japanese automakers.   Cornelius, E. (2017, March). How does market share influence price: Samsung Vs. Apple. Alpha Pricing. Retrieved from Eadicicco, L. (2020, October). Apple, Google, and Samsung are making the argument for a $1000 smartphone tougher than ever. Retrieved from Keegan, W. J., & Green, M. C. (2020).

Global marketing (10th ed.). Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.) Rugman, A. (2008). The five partners/flagship model and the Scottish electronics cluster. Multinational Location Strategy (Research in Global Strategic Management, Vol. 6), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 165-181.   Your Response Post 3   Discuss at least three alternatives for global organization structure. International Division Structure- When an organization structures its operations using this format, it sows commitment to understanding that operations beyond the home country require unique leadership to manage the complexity of the international market. For example, Walmart has three operating divisions and its e-commerce business. Each operating segment has its own leadership structure with a C.E.O & President. The C.E.O of each operating segment is responsible for all operations in their respective divisions, marketing, sales, human resources etc. The C.E.O of each segment all report to the parent company, Walmart Inc’s C.E.O. Their titles in the parent company is Executive vice President. Regional Management Centers- Regional management centers separate leadership responsibilities from a geographic standpoint. It is a layer of management in the overall structure typically under the divisional level. They have a similar leadership structure with a president or V.P. and a support team similar to the divisional level.

This structure can be used to support overall organizational initiatives, while applying geographic expertise to grow sales and profit. For example, Walmart’s Sam’s Club Division has Regional Vice Presidents. Their teams are responsible for different sections of the country. They promote company-wide initiatives, but have the autonomy to create their own sales functions and initiatives at the regional level. Matrix- The matrix structure takes a collective approach. The structure integrates four global competencies: Geographic knowledge of factors that impact business operations, which shared with the parent from functional divisions, product knowledge and know how where there is a product manager globally, and the function can be delegated down into operating segments that still report at a global level, functional competence, where areas such as finance, H.R. etc. is handled at the global level, but also can be incorporated into the operating segments, and customer and industry insights from a global level that support operating segments (Keegan & Green, 2020). Evaluate the importance of creating the balance between autonomy and integration in various global organization structures. From a global organizational standpoint, the mission, values, and brand proposition all need to be consistent in all operating segments within the company. The segments may have unique needs, but the core strategy of the parent company should be the same. The autonomy comes in when there are unique factors from a divisional, regional, or local standpoint.

Those separate entities need the authority to make decision that best meet the particular geographic needs . Identify at least three ways global companies can demonstrate their commitment to CSR. Environmental- Environmental issues have been a huge part of C.S.R efforts. Organizations like Walmart partnering with suppliers to make packaging that for some items is biodegradable to limit pollution, or like Starbucks with the use of paper straws instead of plastic to support environmental sustainability. Also adjusting business operations to support acknowledgement of climate change issues, and what can be done from an organizational standpoint to slow it. Fair Wage and Labor Practices- Walmart was criticized for years about the rates that its workers were paid, and compared to the C.E.O compensation. Walmart and Target have both recently invested in wage increases for employees along with healthcare benefits and other educational opportunities. Health and Welfare- To ensure that organizations are providing support for communities that they serve. For example, Walmart partners with regional foodbanks. Instead of throwing out food that is still sellable, they make donations on a weekly basis to food organizations to feed the homeless, or support those that may not be able to afford a lot of food.  

Your Response       Post 4   Organizational Structure, Leadership, and Corporate Social Responsibility Part1: According to Keegan and Green, Regional management center is “When business is conducted in a single region that is characterized by similarities in economic, social, geographic, and political conditions, there is both justification and need for a management center.” (2020) It mean that regional management center is a structure in an organization that have an executive who making decisions on the prices, planning and  controlling of the operation in the company in the country. The advantage of this is that it is easy to coordinate the planning and control of the company. For the global company that is in a dynamic market, the Matrix organization structure is the best way to manage. “In the fully developed large-scale global company, product or business, function, area, and customer know-how are simultaneously focused on the organization’s worldwide marketing objectives. This type of total competence underlies the matrix organization. Management’s task in the matrix organization is to achieve an organizational balance that brings together different perspectives and skills to accomplish the organization’s objectives.” (Keegan and Green, 2020). The advantage of this structure is the issues will get result faster because the manager at the store could resolve issues and doesn’t need to get approval from the upper division.

Another advantage is that each store services is depending on the location they are in, meaning one company but the services is depending on the country regulations to serve their clients. The disadvantage is communication is hard to share since it is a global and the time frame is different. The balancing between autonomy within an organization is only for the benefit of the market. As Keegan and Green stated “In organizing for the global marketing effort, the goal is to create a structure that enables the company to respond to significant differences in international market environments and to extend valuable corporate knowledge.”(2020) Part2: Keegan and Green shared that “organizations can show their commitment to CSR through partnerships with communities, non-governmental organizations, and even media outlets that share interests.” (2020), the global company can show that they are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility by creating and following the code of ethics that everyone in the company must follow to ensure that everyone are being treat equally. Here are few example of organization that show commitment through CSR: 1.  

  Ikea : IKEA started the IKEA Foundation that assists in the funding of housing, healthcare, furthering education, ad creating sustainable income for communities in need (“IKEA Foundation”, n.d.) 2.    Netflix: Offering 52 weeks of parental leave, which is able to be taken at any time during the life of the child. (Ferro, 2017) References: Ferro, S. (2017, January 16).  Netflix just made another huge stride on parental leave.  HuffPost.  Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) IKEA Foundation.  (2019, May 15).  IKEA Foundation.  Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) Keegan, W. J. & Green, M. C. (2020).  Global marketing (10th ed.).  Retrieved from   Your Response

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