Effective Campaign Strategies

History homework help:

· Question 1

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One of George Bush’s most effective campaign strategies in the 1988 election was to portray his opponent, Michael Dukakis, as
soft on crime.


too inexperienced.

out of touch with American values.

· Question 3

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Reagan won reelection handily in 1984, in large part because


the economy had temporarily improved.

Americans liked his strong anti-communist stance.

he had ended the Cold War.

he had developed a friendly relationship with the leader of the Soviet Union.

· Question 6

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The Iran Contra affair involved clandestine sales of American armaments to provide money for a guerilla group in






· Question 7

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The fact that the possession of only small amounts of crack cocaine carried the same penalties as possession of considerably larger amounts of cocaine indicated that


in the war against drugs, public officials began to target the poor more than the wealthy.

Americans were terrified that the entire younger generation would be lost to drugs.

gang wars would escalate exponentially.

the American criminal justice system was not functioning effectively.

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· Question 8

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When the Soviet Union removed its troops from Afghanistan as part of Gorbechev’s Perestroika policy,


the American-supported Mujahideen took temporary control before the country fell to the Taliban.

Iran tried to invade the mountainous state from the west, with no luck.

it met one of the demands Reagan had made for the resumption of disarmament talks.

it did so only because Soviet leaders realized that it would eventually gain control of Afghanistan another way, with American assistance.

· Question 10

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Which of these is NOT a true statement about the Persian Gulf War?


It began when Saddam Hussein attempted to reestablish Iraq’s control over the Middle East.

Hussein took over the oil-rich country of Kuwait, which led Bush to fear for American oil supplies.

It ended when Bush decided to invade Iraq.

It was a very brief war ? one that lasted just days.

· Question 11

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Why did manufacturers claim they left northern cities during the 1980s for the South and West?

They wanted to establish well-organized, union-run shops.

They sought a cheap labor supply and lower taxes.

Those regions offered incentives to lure businesses to relocate.

All of these choices.

· Question 12

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The temporary improvement in the American economy during Reagan’s early tenure was mainly the result of


defense spending.

tax cuts.

the success of supply-side economics.

the collapse of the Soviet Union.

· Question 14

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The term used for the complete expulsion of an entire ethnic population from a particular area is

ethnic devolution.

ethnic cleansing.


ethnic containment.

· Question 16

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All of the following Supreme Court Justices were on the bench between 1980 and 1992, EXCEPT:


Anthony Kennedy.

Antonin Scalia.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Sandra Day O’Connor.

· Question 17

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Reagan was the perfect conservative candidate and president because of his belief in

traditional family values.


reducing social programs.

All of these choices.

· Question 19

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All of the following are true statements about Reagan’s economic programs except


His trickle-down theory was ultimately proven a vital strategy for dealing with economic downturns.

His cuts to government spending focused on social programs such as welfare and unemployment compensation.

He dramatically increased defense spending.

His policies led to an increasing number of billionaires in America.

· Question 20

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Hezbollah was the terrorist organization responsible for

leading the fight against the Soviets inside Afghanistan.

an attack on a Marine barracks in Lebanon that killed 241 American troops.

attacking American oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

helping Iran fight off the Iraqi invasion.


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