Elasticity of Demand Assignment

1. Why does the quantity of salt demanded tend to be unresponsive to changes in its price? 2. Why is […]

Sep 18th, 2021


Economic Forecasts

What is the purpose of economic indicators? What are considered leading economic indicators? What is the purpose of developing economic […]

Sep 13th, 2021


Calculating the equilibrium interest rate

The demand for money in a country is given by: Md = 200,000 – 200,000r +Y Where Md is money […]

Sep 13th, 2021


Airline Price Discrimination: Business vs Leisure Travellers

Airlines practice price discrimination by charging leisure travelers and business travelers different prices. Different customers pay varying prices for essentially […]

Sep 13th, 2021


IMF and financial crisis in 1990s

I will give you all materials needed, including one chapter of textbook and PowerPoint slides and articles. The overall theme […]

Aug 9th, 2021


Amazon must be stopped

  Article) Amazon must be stopped. a)    What is the definition of a monopoly? b)    Explain whether […]

Aug 7th, 2021

Business and Finance

Personalized College admissions essay

Essays for a set of questions for Masters application. I’d like only one writer to write all my essays. do […]

Aug 7th, 2021


Colombian companies during the pandemic With a thesis and citations write my paper

Jul 27th, 2021


Suppose two firms are competing in prices (Bertrand) in an industry where demand is p=200-4Q

Question: Suppose two firms are competing in prices (Bertrand) in an industry where demand is p=200-4Q. (a) If both firms […]

Jul 26th, 2021


Market Economics

Q1. When market equilibrium occurs, quantity demanded is equal to quantity supplied, which means that both sellers and buyers get […]

Jul 19th, 2021

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