Shadow Health Comprehensive Assessment| Nursing Assignment Help

Shadow Health Comprehensive Assessment| Nursing Assignment Help

Shadow Health’s Digital Clinical Experiences allow students in various disciplines and levels of competence to practice the skills necessary to care for their patients in a standardized and safe setting that is available 24 hours a day. Student nurses can demonstrate their clinical reasoning abilities by interacting with Digital Standardized Patients in Shadow Health’s Digital Clinical Experiences.

Shadow health  comprehensive assessment students enable students to reflect and analyze their performance to have a deeper understanding and gain the necessary experience and knowledge of physical assessment. These students will also learn how to effectively put these assessment skills into practice and obtain objective and subjective data. These acoustic simulations allow nursing students to practice and use their skills with many virtual patients.

Tina Jones Neurological Shadow Health Assessment

Tina Jones is a 28-year-old patient who provides profound psychological and medical history just like an actual person for the nursing students to evaluate. The student should assess Tina from the head to the toes and every part of the body one at a time to collect concrete objective and subjective patient data and develop an in-depth grasp of Tina’s Health.

Comprehensive Assessment Tina Jones Shadow Health Transcript, Subjective, Objective & Documentation

Shadow Health Cardiovascular Assessment

This task offers an opportunity to conduct a focused examination on Brian Foster, who appears in a non-emergency situation with recent occurrences of chest pain. As part of your interview with Mr Foster, properly analyze the cardiovascular system and other relevant body systems.

You can learn about Mr Foster’s health history, including his own and his family’s history of heart disease, as well as his risk factors for heart disease from this case study. Examine and document the patient’s heart sounds throughout the physical examination, and do so thoroughly.

Normal and abnormal cardiac sounds can be difficult to differentiate without the expertise and an ear trained to pick up on small, often ignored noises. Use the Cardiovascular Concept Lab to brush up on your knowledge before diving into this assignment.

Use headphones with your computer and listen to both regular and aberrant sounds several times to increase your ability to discern slight differences.

Patients generally come to the doctor with a specific complaint or concern in mind. A new condition may emerge during the history and physical examination. With this case study assignment, be on the lookout for such a scenario.

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Shadow Health Abdominal Assessment

Esther Park, a 78-year-old Korean-American woman, arrived at Shadow General Hospital’s Emergency Department with abdominal pain and is currently being evaluated. In this role-playing exercise, you’ll take on the role of a healthcare provider tasked with evaluating Ms Park’s health and determining how best to proceed with her care.

Your interview will be judged on how well you phrase your questions clinically and accurately, and how thoroughly you cover all critical issues. How well you report your physical results by selecting from clinical words in the Electronic Health Record determines the quality of your physical exam.

Throughout your interview, you will inquire about Ms. Park’s medical history and the functioning of pertinent systems to get subjective data about her stomach pain. You should ask a wide range of questions to get a complete picture of the symptoms.

To improve Ms. Park’s health literacy and overall well-being, you should enlighten and engage with her during the dialogue. You will also conduct a physical assessment on Ms. Park to get objective data about her health and physiology. The traditional practice is to use professional medical vocabulary when writing physical findings and nursing notes, even though you should speak with patients in comprehensible, everyday language.

SWRK5003 Social Policy and Law for Social Work

Shadow Health Respiratory Assessment

Make sure to ask questions regarding relevant body systems throughout the interview. When conducting a physical examination, this case study would provide a chance to pay close attention to lung sounds. Report your findings correctly by using correct medical jargon.

For each discussion board question, at least three posts are required: your first post and replies from two of your peers. It’s recommended that your first post(s) respond to the discussion question(s). It is essential to conduct extensive research, cite at least one scholarly source in your answer, and use high-quality English whenever possible. This is intended to enrich the scholarly debate of the subject matter.

While expressing disagreement with another user’s post is acceptable, your responses should always be considerate and respectful and express your professional views where applicable. When measuring acute pain, what should you bear in mind? What accomplishments can you point to that you’re particularly proud of? When it comes to evaluating chronic pain, what should you bear in mind? Whenever it comes to assessing pain, how is it different for each type?

Examine your assessment of someone who was in agony. In what ways was the patient affected by the pain? Is there anything that could have been done to minimize the patient’s misery and suffering? Identify the areas where you could have done better.

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Shadow Health Comprehensive assessment

A comprehensive health evaluation provides nurses with information into a patient’s physical status through vital sign measurement, observation, and self-reported symptoms. A thorough physical examination is included, as is a review of the patient’s medical history and a general assessment.

A patient’s weight, age, height, posture, build, stride, and hygiene are considered during the initial assessment. Nurses conduct health assessments to gather baseline data on patients and establish rapport with them, which can help alleviate anxiety and foster trust. A comprehensive health assessment is typically performed upon admission to an acute care facility or upon the initial visit to an outpatient clinic.

When nurses conduct checks, they can adopt the methods such as auscultation, inspection, percussion, and palpation. Ordinarily, a comprehensive assessment starts with a patient’s health history, followed by a physical examination. As defined by AMN Healthcare Education Services, the health history covers the patient’s current lifestyle, medical complaint, prior health history, psychological status, the current state of health, and family history.

The health history informs nurses about symptoms, childhood illnesses, relevant medical experiences, and the likelihood of developing particular diseases. After the patient’s medical history is gathered, a physical examination is done to investigate the patient’s body systems. A comprehensive and precise assessment is vital since it helps identify the patient’s normal condition from the unusual. And a complete health assessment indicates if a patient requires diagnostic procedures or other medical services.

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HEENT Shadow Health Assessment

Examination of the head and neck and look for numerous bumps scattered around the face and facial hair on the top lip. Examining the facial skin for lesions, discoloration, or abnormal hair growth helps determine hidden medical concerns.

Check the head if it’s trauma-free and has normal cephalic. Giving specific attention to the size and form of your patient’s head will help discover any signs of trauma that may have occurred during her fall.

Check the hair distribution on the scalp. Since abnormal hair development or characteristics can suggest underlying health issues, it is necessary to evaluate your patient’s hair’s distribution, color, and texture.

Check the orbital area eyebrows. Equal distribution of hair brows and lids free of tumors, in the right eye, no ptosis or edema in the right eyeball, and lids free of tumor. Examining the external eye for coloration, hair distribution lesions, and edema,  ptosis identifies anomalies that can prove infection or underlying health complications.

Check the scalp if it’s palpated.  Female alopecia might signify an underlying medical condition or skin infection. Examining the texture, distribution, and amount of the scalp and hair enables the identification of lesions or masses.

Examine the eyelids and conjunctiva. The findings can be no lesions, white sclera

conjunctiva pink in the upper eyelid. An infection or underlying illness can be detected by looking for changes in the edema, color, and increased vascularity in the sclera and conjunctiva.

Test using a penlight, look out for a perfectly symmetrical and receptive right eye pupil. Pupils that are uneven or do not react to light can suggest serious health issues that should be addressed immediately. Check if the left pupil is equal in size, circular, and responsive to light. Pupils that are uneven or do not react to light can suggest serious health issues that should be addressed immediately.

Evaluate the eye movements. Does it have usual convergence? This accommodation test evaluates the capacity of the eye to focus on close objects. The patient should maintain a fixed gaze in the six cardinal directions during this examination. Nystagmus, Lag, and deviations may all be signs of neurologic disease.

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Shadow Health Musculoskeletal Assessment

Examine the neck. Look out for tumors, swelling, or deformities. A full musculoskeletal exam will look for lumps, discoloration, edema, and deformation in all joints and muscle groups.

A full musculoskeletal exam will look for lumps, discoloration, edema, and deformation in all joints and muscle groups. Check the left arm. Look for swelling, lumps, or deformity in the right arm.

Examine the right arm for edema, bulk, or deformity. A full musculoskeletal exam will look for lumps, discoloration, edema, and deformation in all joints and muscle groups.

Check the Fingernails. Look for ridges or deformities, pink nailbeds. The look of the nails can provide insight into the state of respiratory and circulatory function, as well as the presence of nutritional deficiencies or illnesses. This is especially critical to assess diabetic patients since they are predisposed to peripheral vascular disease.

Examine hips. Look for lack of hip masses, deformity, or swelling. All joints and muscle groups are examined for lumps, discoloration, edema, and deformation during a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment.

Check the right knee. Look for edema, lumps, and deformity. A complete musculoskeletal exam will look for lumps, discoloration, edema, and deformation in all joints and muscle groups.

In the left leg, check masses, swellings, or deformities. Your diabetic patient may be unaware of sores on her unindicated foot due to potential neuropathy.

Check the Toenails for ridges or deformities, pink nailbeds. The look of the nails can provide insight into the state of respiratory and circulatory function, as well as the presence of nutritional deficiencies or illnesses. This is especially critical to assess diabetic patients because they are susceptible to peripheral vascular disease.

Examined ROM for upper extremities. By evaluating the range of motion of each significant joint and noting any restrictions in mobility, discomfort, or crepitation, joint disease or injury can be detected. Additionally, the evaluation should include a contrast of bilateral sides.

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