How To Write Evidence-Based Practice Paper For Nursing Students

How To Write Evidence-Based Practice Paper For Nursing Students

This type of paper is called an evidence-based paper by some people and an evidence-based research paper by others. It comes in many different forms, like a case report or a capstone project. If you don’t know how to write an evidence-based practice paper, you won’t be able to understand it. Evidence-based papers are written by students so that they can become more comfortable with their own abilities, research interests, critical thinking, creativity, and decisions that can be used in real-world clinical settings.

Any student who wants to be a nurse must write an evidence-based practice paper. Most of the time, EBP papers are written by people who are trying to help people change how they do things so that they can improve their quality. To avoid making mistakes when writing, it is important to understand the whole process of writing.

In contrast to other nursing papers and essays, evidence-based practice papers require a lot of thought, research, and reading. There is no denying that writing a great evidence-based paper that can get a good grade takes a lot of work and is very hard.

We have put together this guide for writing an evidence-based nursing paper so that you don’t have to do as much work. In the event that you still don’t find this article easy, we have a team of skilled nursing paper writers who can help you out at any time.

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What is Evidence-Based Practice?

Evidence-Based Practice in the field of nursing is based on the idea that medical practice should be based on principles that have been adapted and developed over time through evidence, research, and the analysis of theory. The goal of evidence-based practice is to make sure that the nursing and non-nursing theories that have been properly researched are used to make changes in how things are done in the field.

In nursing, EBP is used in the form of a systematic review, where research is looked at based on a guideline to see if it can be used as a gold standard in practice.

The systematic review helps make sense of all the information that is out there for effective change management, implementation, and institutionalization.

Six important steps that make up the EBP process

An assessment of the need for change: This involves coming up with a research question or hypothesis that is based on the gaps in how things are done now.

Location of the best evidence: Based on the level of nursing resources or evidence, the next step is to look at the credibility, reliability, and relevance of the evidence or articles that have been peer-reviewed.

Synthesis of evidence: This step compares and contrasts all of the available sources of evidence to find similarities and differences so that you can figure out the best way to go.

It also includes writing a plan for how to make changes in the clinical setting.

Implementing and Evaluating Change: This is the phase where the new process is put into practice. Change advocates, like nurse leaders and nurses, help make the change happen. Change management theories can be used to make sure the change management plan works out.

As soon as the new evidence is used to make changes, it is adopted by policy or guidelines in the clinical settings. It also includes the process of always getting better so that you can be the best.


Steps of Writing an EBP Research Paper in Nursing

As soon as you have been told to write an evidence-based paper, follow these steps to write the best one.

  1. Decide on a subject for your paper.

There are many ways you can choose an EBP topic. You can get ideas from your coursework, peer-reviewed sources, class projects, and evidence-based projects you’ve already done. There are a lot of ideas for evidence-based practice topics thanks to the Internet. It’s also important to choose a topic that fits your passion and interest in nursing. For example, if you want to improve patient flow in the ED with technology, make sure you know about EHR or HIT. You should first look at the assignment and write down some ideas. Then, you should pick a tentative subject.


  1. Talk to your Professor/Instructor.

Nursing education, like nursing practice, needs to be done with other people and get feedback. Because you have chosen a creative, evidence-based practice topic, you must make an appointment with either the writing center or your professor/instructor to make sure it’s the right one. In some cases, your professor or instructor will ask you to write an evidence-based practice proposal. In the EBP proposal, you must say what nursing problem you want to solve, how you will change things, and why. Make sure it makes sense before getting a go-ahead. If you don’t, you’ll have to change your nursing proposal for EBP.

Make sure you pick an important disease or health condition, describe the population or sub-population you’re trying to help, find evidence from 7 to 10 peer-reviewed sources that back up your idea, and explain why you want to make a change in the clinical setting.

People’s socioeconomic status, gender, education, environment, employment, genetic endowment and culture are some of the health indicators you can use in your paper on evidence-based practice. People’s access to and quality of healthcare, social support, coping skills, and more are some of the other health indicators you can use.

The EBP papers can include a change model, a population health model, nursing theory, and nursing interventions that must all be backed up by credible evidence in order for them to be used.


  1. Doing Research – Gathering Supporting Facts

Evidence is the heart of a paper that is based on facts. So, you need to do a lot of research on both online and print sources to back up your EBP paper thesis statement with facts. After you have written the problem statement and the thesis statement, you should critically look at the sources to see which ones support the thesis. You might be asked to write an annotated bibliography or do a critical analysis of each of the articles or the main article that backs up your evidence-based practice paper by your teacher in some cases.

A common way to do this is to use an evidence evaluation table. There are both primary and secondary sources to look at when you choose which ones you want to use. It’s possible to get both primary and secondary sources from databases like PubMed and EBSCO. These databases include TRIP Database, OVID, The Cochrane Collaboration, and CINAHL, as well. Besides, you can go,.org, websites to find out what you need to know, too.

Professional and government groups, as well as non-profit groups, can be good places to start when you’re looking into something. They are a great source of statistics, epidemiology data, and more information. Research that is done well means that the research question, hypothesis, and thesis statement will be backed up and answered.


Making the Right Choices for EBP Paper Resources

There are both primary and secondary sources of data when it comes to writing about science, and both can be used. When students write qualitative and quantitative or mixed methods thesis, dissertation, or research papers, they collect and analyze real data. An EBP paper, on the other hand, is only based on the findings of primary research that have already been published. It is very important for a nursing student to only use credible, valid, and reliable sources. For your EBP paper, here are three things you should look at:

An article in a research journal is only good if it is published in a reliable database, journal, and has been checked by other people who know about the subject. According to the level of evidence, it also has to do with how strong it is Will the same test give the same results if it is repeated?

A valid research study is one that has followed all of the rules for research, is up to date, and is relevant to the chosen EBP paper topic that was chosen. Do they measure what they say they want to?

Credible research that can be used in an EBP paper must be able to be proven, be published in a reputable journal, and be scholarly. Is the research study from a well-known magazine?

Depending on the type of research report, the article or the journal could be either primary or secondary. It could be qualitative or quantitative. It could also be a randomized controlled trial or quasi-experimental study.

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Outline of an Evidence-Based Practice Paper

If you write an evidence-based paper about nursing, it should have a lot of different parts. Each one should be done with precision and care, as well as a little wit. A good example of evidence-based practice paper format can be found on the Internet. The format or structure is a lot or a lot like what we have shown below. It has the same structure as a template for an evidence-based practice paper that you are likely to get from your class. Here’s a quick look at what you should include in your nursing evidence-based practice paper:

  1. The title of the EBP paper

As soon as you start, a good title can either draw in and keep your audience, or turn them off. So, having a good title for your evidence-based practice case study, report, write up, or research paper is very important. The goal of the title is to set the scope of the whole EBP paper and give a hint at the hypothesis or thesis statement. This is why the title is important. It is very important that it be short, clear, and well-tuned. To write the title in question form, you could say the PICOT statement like this: There are other ways for it to come out, such as statements or facts that don’t agree with the way things are now. The goal is to give the reader more information from the start, no matter which direction you choose.

  1. The main idea of the paper/ Thesis statement

Even though the PICOT statement can already tell you what your whole EBP paper is about, you still need to write a great thesis statement. A thesis statement, which is usually the last sentence or two, is like a map for the rest of the paper.

When you write a paper, you start with this. Remember that a thesis is not a hypothesis, which is an idea you want to prove or disprove with the help of a set of facts that you can find. An evidence-based practice paper with a thesis gets the best grade, but the reader doesn’t have to look for it the whole time, so they get the best grade.

The thesis statement must be clear, manageable, and fun. According to new research in genomics and biotechnology, stem cells have been used in breast cancer treatment with better chances of remission for the patients. A nurse who wants to help her patients with their pain needs to know three things: about herself, about the standards of care, and about how pain works.

There are many ways to make a thesis descriptive. It can be an implied argument as well. However, not many professors agree with this, and this is why. This paper talks about

 The introduction

The introduction of evidence-based practice must have certain things in mind. In the beginning of your research or nursing project, you need to give some background information. It would help if you also gave a clear picture of the problem through a detailed and short problem statement, and at the same time, gave the reason why you did this. A PICO is a way to put together your introduction.

Patient/Problem: It’s important to know what the patient group is having. What has to be done?

Intervention: What kind of intervention is being thought about or looked at? Cite the right sources.

Comparison: Are there any other ways to help? Cite the right sources.

Cite the right sources. 

Outcome: It’s important to know what the goal of the research question is.

The thesis statement, which we have already talked about, comes in at the end of the introduction. It can be a single sentence or two. To write an EBP paper, you should start with a research question or hypothesis that comes from the research problem.

  1. The methodology

Earlier, we said that research is not the main focus of an EBP research paper. Instead, it looks at a body of knowledge or proof. When you write an EBP paper, you only use data from literature that has already been written about your chosen subject. When you are looking for evidence to use, it can be hard to figure out what level of evidence to use. There are systematic reviews, literature reviews, white papers, opinion papers, practice papers, peer-reviewed journals, critically appraised topics, RCTs, Case-controlled studies, or cohort studies. You can think of any other type of study you can think of. You have to decide how much proof you need. It all comes down to how trustworthy, reliable, and valid the source is. Your method should include these things:

The databases you looked at, the search terms, the number of articles you found per search, the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

You should write down the things that should be in and out of the articles, as well as how many articles you end up with.

You can also choose to use knowledge as evidence based on authority, a priori, theory, and tenacity, as Fawcet and Garity say in their book Evaluating research for evidence-based nursing practice, which you can buy here.

  1. EBP Literature Review

As you write your literature review, you want to think about how the evidence you chose fits into your topic. It’s either going to look for a gap in those studies, or it’s going to use the knowledge to build on the subject. For example, if you want to come up with a new way to deal with pressure ulcers in palliative care, look for credible information about the subject.

Find out how your proposed method works in other places, what works well, and what precautions should be taken. When you compare and contrast the sources, it’s more like that. You should also be critical, because that is the only way you can write the best EBP paper.

People report their findings from the literature in this place. There are a lot of ways to do this, but one way is to make a table that lists the demographics, samples, methods, level of evidence, results, and limitations of each study.

  1. Discussion

In professional research, the discussion section often talks about how the practice has changed, how it will be implemented, and how it will be evaluated. This can be how you write your EBP paper, too. It’s important to look at how the findings changed how things were done, how efficient things were after that, and what the best way to make the change happen in your chosen organization is. Make comparisons if you need to.

  1. Conclusion

To finish your paper, you should sum up the EBP paper and leave your readers happy. Your revised thesis statement can be in the end. Count the points you make at the end.

Finally, your paper on EBP must have references, works cited, or a bibliography at the end of it. This means you know that a lot of papers about EBP use the formatting of either APA or Harvard.

If you write your abstract last, which should be about 150-250 words. It wants to give a quick overview of the whole paper that is based on evidence.

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What is EBP? This article has answered this question: what is EBP? An EBP research paper is a type of paper. and how to write a nursing research paper that is based on evidence from the APA style guide, too.

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