BCJ 360 Criminal Law

Unit 4 Examination BCJ 360 Criminal Law

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1. This offense is defined as breaking and entering into the dwelling or structure of another with the intent to commit a felony inside.

a. trespassing b. burglary c. vandalism d. criminal mischief

2. Which common law element of burglary has largely been abandoned?

a. breaking and entering b. of the dwelling of another c. during the nighttime d. with intent to commit a felony inside

3. Some statutes, and the Model Penal Code, extend the actus reus of burglary to the practice of _________.

a. unlawful entry b. secret lingering c. surreptitious remaining d. criminal mischief

4. Hiding in a department store bathroom until it closes with intent to steal merchandise is an example of behavior that would constitute __________.

a. unlawful entry b. surreptitious remaining c. vandalism d. criminal mischief

5. This is a criminal offense committed with the use of a computer or other electronic device.

a. criminal mischief b. cybercrime c. vandalism d. surreptitious remaining

6. Cybercrime falls into these two separate yet closely related categories.

a. theft; property invasion and destruction b. property invasion and destruction; vandalism c. criminal mischief; theft d. property invasion; criminal mischief

7. Criminals often go further by posing as other individuals in an effort to obtain passwords and other privileged information, in a practice known as:

a. Cybercrime b. Property Invasion c. Social Engineering d. Criminal Mischief

8. Which federal investigative law enforcement agency has jurisdiction over counterfeiting of currency?

a. FBI Local Office b. U.S. Secret Service c. U.S. Postal Inspection Service d. Internet Crime Complaint Center

9. Which federal investigative law enforcement agency has jurisdiction over internet harassment?

a. FBI Local Office b. U.S. Secret Service c. U.S. Postal Inspection Service d. Internet Crime Complaint Center

10. Specific to embezzlement, this is the person to whom goods or property are entrusted.

a. Bailee b. Bailiff c. Bailor d. Steward

11. Specific to embezzlement, this individual, usually an employer, who entrusts the bailee with their property.

a. Bailiff b. Bailor c. Steward d. Factor

12. Obtaining the property of another through fraud or deception is known as:

a. proof deceptions b. white-collar crimes c. conversions d. false pretenses

13. This offense is most commonly referred to as a white-collar crime.

a. burglary b. robbery c. larceny d. embezzlement

14. For something to amount to false representation, it must satisfy three criteria. Which is not one of the criteria?

a. It must in fact be false. b. It must in fact be a false promise. c. It applies to current, not future, conduct. d. Opinions, even if expressed with intent to defraud another person, do not constitute false representation.

15. Materially altering a document with the intent to defraud is known as:

a. forgery b. embezzlement c. uttering d. identity theft

16. Appearing in a public place while under the influence of alcohol or substances to a degree where the individual is likely to endanger themselves, others, or property is known as:

a. minor in possession b. consumption of alcohol by a minor c. public intoxication d. driving under the influence

17. Which offense is not considered an alcohol offense?

a. underage consumption or possession of alcohol by a minor b. driving under the influence c. disorderly conduct d. public intoxication

18. Which federal statute, passed in 1914, constituted the federal government’s first effort to criminalize opium and cocaine?

a. The Controlled Substance Act b. The Harrison Narcotic Tax Act c. The Uniform Controlled Substance Act d. Combat Cocaine Epidemic Act

19. A drug or other substance which has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States is known as a Schedule __________ drug.

a. II b. III c. IV d. all of the above

20. Which offense is not seen as a crime against decency and/or morality?

a. prostitution b. voyeurism c. bigamy d. incest

21. Sexual intercourse between unmarried persons is known as __________.

a. fornication b. adultery c. sodomy d. incest

22. Which is not an offense against the state?

a. treason b. sedition c. espionage d. vagrancy

23. Levying war against the United States or providing aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States is known as:

a. treason b. sedition c. espionage d. sabotage

24. Which is the actus reus of treason?

a. two witnesses or a confession b. levy war or provide aid and comfort c. intent to betray d. act of violence

25. Advocating the violent overthrow of the U.S. government is known as:

a. treason b. sedition c. espionage d. sabotage

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