In this Discussion, you analyze one existing framework/theory using the Walker and Avant process for theory analysis. The goal is to gain an objective understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the framework or theory. This analysis, in turn, will enable you to evaluate whether the framework/theory is useful for the purposes of your theoretical foundation for a program of research.

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To Prepare:
Review the Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to the videos, including Theoretical Foundation for Research from Week 1, to view again. Consider the phases of theory development and the similarities and differences between frameworks and theories. Chapter 5 of McEwen and Wills (2019) provides background on different methods of theory analysis and evaluation, including Walker and Avant’s approach, which you will apply for this Discussion.
Search the literature for articles on your phenomenon of interest and on specific frameworks and theories. Identify one framework/theory that may be useful in investigating your phenomenon of interest.
Review the procedure for theory analysis presented in Chapter 12 of your Walker and Avant text, and which is also outlined in Table 5.2 (p. 100) of McEwen and Wills.
Apply Walker and Avant’s seven steps to the framework/theory you have selected. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the framework/theory. Determine whether additional development or refinement is needed (i.e., for this framework, identify which aspects would require further research in order for it to meet the requirements of a theory).
Evaluate the value of the framework/theory for addressing your phenomenon. Consider how you would explain why the framework/theory has the most potential for use as part of the theoretical foundation of your research.
Reflect on any questions you have related to theory analysis and evaluation to share with colleagues.
With these thoughts in mind 
By Day 3 of Week 5
Post a description of the framework/theory you analyzed and explain why it is considered either a framework or a theory. (If you described a framework, explain which aspects would require further research to meet the requirements of a theory. If you described a theory, explain why it is a theory.) Then explain why this particular framework/theory has potential use for your study and include both strengths and weaknesses. Also, pose any questions you have from your examination of frameworks/theories for guidance from colleagues and your Instructor. Cite scholarly resources to support your post.

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