Aligning Learning Objectives

Aligning learning objectives to instruction is an important element of the planning process. Additionally, there will be a diverse population of students to be considered in this process. Differentiating instruction means instructing diverse students in different ways to increase their likelihood of success.

For this assignment, use the state learning standard and learning objective chosen in Topic 2, as well as the “Class Profile,” to complete the “Aligned Learning Activities and Differentiation” template.

Include the following on the template:

Plan and explain an aligned learning activity for the “Class Profile.”
Choose three students from the “Class Profile” that require differentiation. Explain how you will differentiate the learning activity to meet each students’ individual needs.
Include an appropriate home extension activity for each of the selected students.
Support your findings with 2-3 resources.

Running head: Aligning standards and objectives 1








































Aligning standards and objectives 10

Aligning standards and objectives


Vanessa Gonzalez


Part 1: Lesson Plan Analysis

What is the academic standard?

To utilize information gained from illustrations such as maps and photographs and the words in text to illustrate comprehension of the text. This entails identifying when, where and how major events occur.

· What is the learning objective?

At the end of the lesson students should be able to explain the importance of illustration in understanding a text. They should be able to utilize the pictures and words in the text to illustrate their comprehension of material with an accuracy of 80%.

· Are the standard and objective aligned? How do you know? Provide a rationale.

The standard and objective are entirely aligned. To determine whether standards and objective are aligned, one is supposed to determine to what level the learning objectives support and interact with the academic standards (Estes, 2015). The academic standards pay attention on utilization of illustrations to understand a text and the learning objectives support this because they focus on students being able to explain the importance of illustrations in comprehending a text.

· What is the lesson about? What does this lesson cover?

The lesson is about a medieval feast study. It focusses on reading information text. Students are supposed to utilize illustrations and words acquired from the Medieval Feast text to illustrated their understanding of the text.

· Do the assessments effectively measure the academic standard and learning objective? Justify your response.

The assessments adequately measure the academic standard and learning objective. Assessments adequately measure standards and objectives in case they are able to determine how well students have mastered what they were taught in the classroom (York, 2017). By completing a vocabulary activity, the instructor will be able to evaluate the results and determine how well the students mastered the concepts taught in class. By developing a list of vocabulary words and trying to determine their meanings, the instructor will be able to determine the areas students have understood and areas that he/she should teach.

Part 2

Section 1: Lesson Preparation

Teacher Candidate Name:

Grade Level:

Grade level 3


October 27th 2019.



Instructional Plan Title:

Mathematical problems involving perimeters.

Lesson Summary and Focus:

The lesson focuses on how to determine the perimeter of polygons. The polygons range from three sided figures to even 10 sided figures. Students will practice how to measure the length of each side of a polygon and adding the measurements to determine the perimeter of the figure.

National/State Learning Standards:

Solve actual world and mathematical problems that involve the perimeter of polygons including determining the perimeter of the given side lengths and finding the length of an unknown side.

Specific Learning


· By the end of the lesson, students should be able to determine the perimeter of polygons given the side length.

· Students should also be able to determine the unknown side length given the perimeter of a polygon.

· Students should also be able to name a polygon based on the number of sides.

Academic Language

· Polygons.

· Unknown side length.

· Perimeter.

Resources, Materials, Equipment, and Technology:

Worksheet, rulers, you-tube link for video and book.

Section 2: Instructional Planning

Anticipatory Set

Students will view various polygons and I will ask them the number of sides each polygon has.



5 min

Multiple Means of Representation (Instruction)

· I will introduce the students to the topic by asking them to describe what perimeter is.

· I will then draw on the blackboard different polygons that have different number of sides and indicate the name given to each polygon based on the number of sides.

· I will call some students to draw some of the figures.

· I will indicate a measurement for every side of a polygon and then add them up to illustrate to the students how perimeter is calculated.

· The formula to be utilized is:

· Perimeter = The total measurements of all side lengths.



10 min

Multiple Means of Engagement

· I will divide students into groups and ask them to calculate the perimeter of various figures.

· I will then ask the groups to present their work to the rest of the classroom.

· Other groups can indicate whether they disagree with the results of the selected group



20 min

Multiple Means of Expression

· Students will draw various polygons and indicate the side lengths then calculate the perimeter.

· Students will share their diagrams with fellow students.

· Students will find the unknown length of a polygon provided its perimeter. I will draw the polygons on the blackboard and pick on students to calculate the unknown lengths infront of the entire classroom.



10 min

Extension Activity and/or Homework


Time Needed

The objectives

· By the end of the lesson, student should be able to determine the perimeter of polygons given the side length.

· Students should also be able to determine the unknown side length given the perimeter of a polygon.

· Students should also be able to name a polygon based on the number of sides.

How the objectives and standards are aligned.

The first objective is aligned to the standard because it entails using understanding how to find the perimeter of a polygon. The first step in being able to solve real world problems and mathematical problems involving the perimeter of polygons is understanding how to calculate the perimeter. The second objective is aimed at ensuring students entirely understand the perimeter concept. It is a bit challenging compared to just calculating the perimeter therefore students will gain greater understanding of the concept. The third objective entails understanding the different kinds of polygons and how their perimeter can be computed. The three objectives are aligned to the standard because they support solving real world problems involving the perimeter of polygons.

Summary of the lesson

Lesson summary

The lesson should focus on how to determine the perimeter of polygons. The polygons range from three sided figures to even 10 sided figures. Students should be provided with an opportunity to practice how to measure the length of each side of a polygon and add the measurements to determine the perimeter of the figure. Students should also be provided with an opportunity to engage in groups and determine the perimeter of various polygons then present their results to the entire classroom.


Estes, T. H., Mintz, S. L., & Gunter, M. A. (2015). Instruction: A models approach. Pearson.

York, T. T., Gibson, C., & Rankin, S. (2015). Defining and Measuring Academic Success. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 20.

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