You release a steel ball with a mass of 2 kg from rest at point A one meter above the center of a steel plate, which has a mass of 8 kg

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Question . (25 pts) You release a steel ball with a mass of 2 kg from rest at point A one meter above the center of a steel plate, which has a mass of 8 kg. The plate is suspended by four bungee cords, each having a spring constant k = 100 N/m. The coefficient of restitution between the ball and the plate, e, is 0.9. How far down will the plate travel after impact, and how high above the plate’s initial suspended position will the ball rebound?

1.Tech A says that the oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen entering the intake

Question 1.Tech A says that the oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen entering the intake manifold. Tech B says that many oxygen sensors have a built-in heater to warm them up more quickly. Who is correct?

2.Tech A says that fuel shutoff mode is when the PCM shuts off the fuel pump when the fuel tank is overfull. Tech B says that clear flood mode is activated by holding the throttle to the floor with the key off and then cranking the engine. Who is correct?

3.Tech A says that speed density systems use vehicle speed and fuel density to determine injector pulse width. Tech B says that mass airflow systems use a sensor to measure the mass of the air entering the engine. Who is correct?

4.Which part of a powertrain control module retains diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), freeze-frame data, and learned data?

5.Tech A says that mass airflow sensors determine mass airflow based on engine speed and manifold pressure. Tech B says that some airflow sensors use a hot wire to determine mass airflow. Who is correct?

6.Tech A says that the oxygen sensor is part of the feedback system for the engine management system. Tech B says that long-term fuel trims that are positive means that the PCM is leaning out the fuel mixture from the base pulse-width setting. Who is correct?

7.Which of the following is the best tool to measure the voltage output from a throttle position sensor?c. Scan toola. DVOMb. DMMd. Digital storage oscilloscope (DSO)

8.In a vehicle, thermistors are used in various sensors related to:


9.Which of the following modes is used by technicians to fool the engine into cranking without starting during a cranking sound diagnosis test?Fuel shutoff modeClear flood modeKey on, engine off modeStoichiometric mode10.The feedback looping system in a three-way catalytic converter serves to adjust:the air-fuel ratio.engine speed.the temperature in the passenger cabin.fuel consumption.

1.Tech A says that when testing a relay winding with an ohmmeter, it should show

Question 1.Tech A says that when testing a relay winding with an ohmmeter, it should show the winding is open. Tech B says that the solenoid closes a set of heavy contacts that send current flow to the starter motor. Who is correct?

2.Tech A says that some alternator pulleys are designed to freewheel in one direction. Tech B says that the alternator output terminal is connected to one of the slip rings on the rotor. Who is correct?

3.Tech A says that the pull-in winding is short-circuited when the solenoid is fully engaged. Tech B says that the starter drive has a built-in one-way clutch. Who is correct?

4.Tech A says that the stator rotates inside a magnetic field. Tech B says that the rotor is bolted between the two end housings. Who is correct?

5.Alternators have all of the following characteristics except:

6.Tech A says that a voltage drop of 0.8 volt on the starter ground circuit is within specifications. Tech B says that high starter draw current could be caused by a spun main bearing in the engine. Who is correct?

7.All of the following statements with respect to the operational function of a starter solenoid are true except:

8.What is the main purpose of the fork in starter motor engagement?

9.Which component slows down the armature when the starter motor is disengaged?

10.Tech A says that overcharging can lead to short life of bulbs and other electrical devices. Tech B says that the charging system regulated voltage is checked with maximum load on the battery. Who is correct?

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